Microsoft has always stepped an extra edge while introducing new technology and services and awed us with its creative innovations since decades. It has dilated its portfolio over international boundaries with the many new apps and features easing technology in our hands.

The Shanghai event highlights

At the Shanghai event held on Tuesday, Microsoft has revealed its all new notion on the introduction of new Surface pro device. The shipping will commence on 15h June. It has unveiled on the collaborative inking app known as Microsoft whiteboard and a USB-C dongle.

The app is incorporated with potential of inking between multiple people all across the globe. This all new and much talked about Microsoft Whiteboard app  is anticipated to offer collaborative capabilities as mentioned and will also extend its support to all future Windows 10 running devices that will be launched later, in the current year.

Microsoft Whiteboard App and its features

Microsoft to give an update to wiows 10 with its whiteboard app.
Microsoft White board app

The very notion of allowing people all across the world to collaborate emphasizes the fact of sharing and exchanging projects and ideas across a larger platform, expanded set of ink enabled devices of Windows 10. The app has been devised to offer many new exciting features with Pencil texture and ink effects to Office 365 subscribers from the next month.

Apparently, the Microsoft whiteboard app will be supporting in stable Microsoft Excel, word and PowerPoint apps.

Premium highlights of Microsoft White board App

  1. The App is designed to provide 2-wa inking for Windows 10
  2. It features collaborative inking, table conversion, geometry recognition and automatic table shading.
  3. People can exchange projects over international borders
  4. New inking effects with pencil texture will be made available in Microsoft PowerPoint, excel and word.
  5. New digital case that allows you to personalize the pens, highlighters and pencils and synchronize them.

Microsoft USB Type C dongle

Apart from this, Microsoft has also confirmed that it shall release surface USB type c dongle which will connect to earlier versions and new surface pro versions of surface laptops. The dongle will be designed to offer USB type C support to all surface devices.

The Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, Panos Panay has commented that the device can be used to charge a device and if someone wants to put it back and forth with the type-c peripheral, he can.

The Launch of Surface Pen

The Shanghai event have primarily highlighted on the surface pro but the all new surface pen has also bagged much appreciation and limelight from the surface team. The all new surface pen is apparently going to be the fastest pen ever and its accuracy is twice as much as the previous version.

The surface pen also supports drawing and fluid writing. The Microsoft apps will also have the new surface pens. This upgraded surface pen houses 4096 levels of pressure and 21 milliseconds latency with support tilting sensitivity.

Surface Pen will also extend its support tilt and shading which is an add-on to the previously launched versions and is anticipated to be made available in the coming few weeks.