The upgrade of technology has created a remarkable effect within today’s generation. With the advancement and modernization of technology has become an important aspect in classrooms. The manual tasks which were involved in classes are now sorted in a flash with the usage of technology. The lessons are even taught through school apps that generate more interest within the students and develop a love for learning. Byju’s also aims for the same so that students do not feel studies as a burden instead they would find it much more interesting through these engaging videos. There are contents for all classes in the Byju’s tablet including Arithmetic.

In every new revolution, there are always some barriers which pop out as a hindrance in between. Same is the case in this. There are certain schools or teachers that find difficulty in introducing technological advancements. The replacement of the existing curriculum is tough to change but not to use technology is also not a good idea where computers are very important in every job sector nowadays so the students cannot be deprived of learning these for their better future endeavour.

The common barriers faced by the schools or teachers while implementing technology are: 

  • Unenthusiastic about the professional development: Most of the schools do not have an interest in creating a tech environment. The teachers lack the knowledge about the usage of gadgets where many of the students are expert in this. This is where the way of teaching in schools fall behind. The teachers are way too unenthusiastic to bring a change in their professional ambiance.
  • Lack of innovative ideas: A creative mind will always find it easy to get versed with the technological tools. There are people who explore gadgets and try to implement their own innovative ideas. Every technological tool gets updated from time to time so in order to get acquainted with the new features, people need to take it as a challenge to learn and implement those.
  • Unavailability of resources: In some schools, teachers are very keen in creating such an educational revolution but there are not enough of resources or facilities available in school. For smart classes, the projector is a must while most of the school lack in it. Therefore the visual learning process is not possible. Many computer labs do not have a smooth internet connection which is one of the major barriers.

There can be many ways to overcome these major barriers so that the implementation of the technology is done in a right way.

  • Well acquaintance of unknown technological tools: The fear of using new gadgets should not be there in the mind. Teachers can form groups to discuss the technological tools and share the knowledge about the gadgets that they are familiar with. The schools can also conduct training sessions for the teachers to have innovative thoughts and knowledge about this advancement.
  • Innovative ideas about the tools which are already familiar: The apps or the Microsoft tools can be used to assign projects to the students. This familiar tools when used by different individuals results in an innovation. Using the familiar tools boosts the confidence of the students to use the newer ones.
  • To look for easy-to-use digital resources: There are many free digital apps that do not require any guidance so teachers can use this and then ask their students to implement it in a better way. This is also cost effective.
  • Students can help the teachers: In today’s generation, the technology is so advanced in Education that the students are well aware of the recent gadgets. Therefore the teachers can have knowledge about the new gadgets from the students. They can also implement innovative ideas in their projects or assignments.

It is important for the students to learn about the digital world and overcome the barriers. Students can also score well in competitive exams like JEE exam if they are aware of the upgraded technology.

About the author:

With a degree in Engineering, Shreyaa Banerjee is a content writer by professio. She is a voracious reader apart from writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. She is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.

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