Technology has taken over everything. These days things are just a click away. There were times when people used to communicate with their near and dear ones through letters and in case of emergency they used to use telegrams, but now with the help of technology one can not just talk but also get to know a person’s real-time location. Communication has become a lot easier and less time consuming because of technology.

The mobile phone is one such asset of technology. It is like carrying the entire world in your pocket with the help of applications. There are applications for everything like to read the news, for games, to book cabs, to order food, to reserve rooms in resorts and the best is educational apps.

Gone are the days when kids used to wait for their teachers to take a class on certain topics as these topics are available on educational apps. These applications are made interesting with the help of animated cartoon characters, sound effects and with videos, it is a cakewalk for kids to picturise the concepts.

Below are some of the applications used by kids and their parents:

  • NCERT solution: NCERT being the main course of CBSE board, NCERT solution was created to help students with their tight schedule. The app has solutions for all subjects with reference books.
  • BYJU’S: This app is not just for school going students but also for those who are aspiring for CAT, JEE, GMAT, GRE, AIPMT and IAS.

These are not just the apps that are helping students but even in schools students are exposed to interactive classes through Skype. The only aim is to make sure that every kid is educated and that is possible through these apps as every person owns a mobile phone.

There are a few disadvantages too like replacement of books with e-books as these are not compatible with all the electronic devices and there is a high chance of hacking. With the increase in the number of apps, it is difficult for students as well as for parents to understand the quality that is been provided in these apps.

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