Exams are always being very stressful for all the students, whether it be their school finals, board exams, or the competitive exams. As the exam date approaches closer, most of the students will be completely busy in collecting the relevant information regarding the exam from the different official websites, including the syllabus, study materials, notes for different subjects and other important questions.

The only secret behind the student’s success in their exam is the sample papers. Yes, it is true. The CBSE sample papers are the best study material as it provides a strong foundation for all students. Therefore, every student is asked to solve more sample papers, as it helps them to prepare for CBSE exams in a better manner and also lead them to the depth with which the topic should be studied.

Here are a few importance of CBSE sample papers.

Reduce Exam Anxiety

The sample papers are designed by the subject experts mainly to help students with their exam preparations. By solving or practicing more sample papers, reduces the student’s exam stress and anxiety as it provides a clear idea about the question paper pattern and about the different types of questions asked in the examination.

Helps in Revisions

CBSE Sample papers are the best study materials as it helps students to revise all they have learned before the final examination. Since the sample paper covers all necessary which can provide them with a comprehensive revision and analyze their areas of strength and weaknesses.

Improves Speed and Accuracy

Believe it or not, those students who solve more sample papers in the stipulated time helps students to get a fair idea about the maximum time taken to solve the question papers. By doing these students can stay focused, improve their speed and precision, as it is the most important and essential factor for the board exams.

Marking Scheme

Along with the syllabus, important questions and the question paper pattern, students should also be aware of the present marking scheme of the paper.  CBSE sample papers will familiarise students with the marks distribution and gives a fair idea about approximately how lengthy the answers to be written based on the allotted marks.

These were a few importance of CBSE sample papers. All these sample papers are framed under the guidance of the NCERT and are strictly designed as per the latest CBSE syllabus, question paper pattern, and the marking scheme. Class 9 sample papers provide the best foundation for both class 10 and 12 board exams, as it includes questions from the entire CBSE syllabus for class 9 and students can have a quick review regarding the basic before beginning with their exam preparations.

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