The Necessity

Education has evolved, just like business. There has been a tough and on-going debate about whether education has been commercialised beyond what it should have been and whether this could harm the students in any unlikely manner or maybe even add to the value of the education imparted to the students. Not commenting on the debate, there is no doubt that students, are now facing different times vis-à-vis the students of yesteryears. This is because students today are confronting different stress and competition levels. There is competition to manage time with tuitions, with classes, with hobby classes and with basic schooling, homework and exams. Thus, probably the evolution of education is a necessary tool in such trying times. Notwithstanding, this has also brought along a spurt in online jobs in the said field. Take a look at some of the new ways of education.

Education System

Social Media via Education

With the popularity of tools like chats, messengers, Skype etc. gaining and imparting education is no more a challenge. Internet and the availability of mobile phones and tablets in children’s hands have added to the convenience. New education portals are on a rise. They employ teachers from world over to teach children across the seven seas. They teach all subject and all languages. Thus, a Parisian teaches French and a Bengali teaches Bengali, online on video chat! This makes education more authentic and real time. As far as the student goes, it saves their time to run between tuitions and for the teacher, well, they earn per hour, right from the convenience of their homes. You can check the range of opportunities for teachers on Educomp careers. Educomp careers will give you a clear cut picture of the ways in which the handiness of learned housewives, women and part timers has been used to convenience the students, saving their time, energy and efforts instead of shuttling several tuitions in one single day.

Tools for Education

Most of the schools and colleges are now seeking ready softwares and online portals that they can use in colleges. It is a proven fact that children tend to grasp matter better through audio-visual learning. Most schools, especially in urban areas are making good use of the fees and students funds to make a stronger mark with their technological improvements in education softwares etc. Some education institutions are requesting mobile apps for student education.

Home Tuitions

Education companies also have a data base of the some of the best teachers in town. These teachers and their educational backgrounds are verified by the e-learning company. This enables them to direct and navigate good resources to good students with a requirement, benefitting thus, both, the student and the teacher. As the network goes on expanding, there are thousands of affiliates that hook on to the programs offering more courses for ready absorption by the student.

Thus, education is changing with times. This is a necessity, no matter what the debate says. A child’s education should come before the politics of education.

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