Microsoft Windows is popular OS to all people around the whole world. The number of smart phone users is increasing day by day. When this Microsoft has decided to introduce windows for the mobile platform, it initiated with a quite hard competition to the other mobile OS. Numerous smart phones are available with windows OS.  It possesses an excellent user interface, a quicker engine that processes applications quicker. Great range of applications is available for the users over this platform. Now we will discuss about the 5 best Windows 8 Phones. The list for 5 best Windows 8 Phones is given below:

1.     Nokia Lumia 928:

5 Best Windows 8 Phones

Nokia has introduced Lumia 928 smart phone that is most excellent for the low light photographs with 8.7Mega Pixel pure view camera. This phone possesses Carl Zeiss lens along with optical picture stabilization. It clicks much enhanced photographs than compared to any other smart phone of this range. You are able to play and shoot 1080p full HD recording with this phone and it possesses Xenon flash also. It contains pure motions 4.5 inch AMOLED display, storage of 32 GB and RAM of 1GB. This phone supports the 4G network and is available with windows 8 phone OS. This phone can be charged wirelessly. It possesses CPU of 1.5 Giga Hertz dual core processor.

2.     Nokia Lumia 920:

This phone features a high-quality photograph capturing technology by means of its Carl Zeiss lens and pure view camera. It contains inbuilt facility of wireless charging. It possesses storage of 32 GB RAM of 1GB and 4.5 inch HD display. It contains a 8.7 Mega Pixel camera and also a secondary camera. Its battery capacity is slightly lower but this phone supports the 4G network.

3.     Nokia Lumia 521:

This phone is available with a 4 inch much sensitive full HD touches screen display. You are able to use this phone when wearing the gloves. This phone supports the 4G network. It possesses an inbuilt 5Mega Pixel camera. In this phone the music streaming facility is free. It contains storage of 8GB with RAM of 512 MB. It has CPU of 1Giga Hertz dual core processor.

4.     Windows phone 8X by HTC:

This is a simply awesome smart phone for clicking snaps as it has a front facing, ultra wide angle, camera through which you are able to take photos of more people in a single click. It contains a brilliant screen that is even bright in sunlight. It is available with 8Mega Pixel camera along with LED flash. It has RAM of 1GB, storage of 16GB and its CPU is of 1.5Giga Hertz dual core processor. This phone supports the 3G network.

5. Huawei W1

This phone contains a high battery life along with 1950mAh battery. This phone’s IPS display screen of 4 inch offers a very excellent viewing in sunlight even. It possesses 1.2 Giga Hertz dual core processor, 5 Mega Pixel cameras along with LED flash, RAM of 1GB, and storage of 4GB. This phone supports 3G network.

All of these smart phones are superlative for clicking snaps and possess an extensive variety of applications. Windows 8 phone OS appears to be quite good. The best function is its sliding functionality. With some other high-end features, you are able to explore Windows smart phones.  Enjoy these 5 best Windows 8 Phones.

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