Top 10 iPhone Applications Suitable for Writers

iPhone apps have become quite famous after this wonder gadget has hit the market. There is an app for everything. There is a mood scanner, there is an IQ tester and there are even apps for pulling out quotes from your favorite quotes. Even writers who as artists are usually perceived to be at the other end of understanding technology and science could now benefit from iPhone apps. This is possible because there are several apps in the market now that helps writers to express their thoughts with ease without having to sit in front of a computer or laptop.

My Writing Nook


  1. My Writing Nook

This one is a simple application that brings together all the basic features of a word processor.  Basic features required for writing like web sync, word count, protection though password, auto save and document organization are all available with this application. If you do not have a need for any advanced features, then this could be a good option.

  1. Derek Lyons’ Notably

Just like My Writing Nook, Notably is a good word processing application as well. It has a splendid combination of interface and layout. If you have to write down notes or even stories, Notably is an ideal application for your purpose. This application however lacks in back up options and hence the overall experience might suffer. However, there are options like mail, subfolder organization and password protect.


  1. Misoft’s Writer’s Studio

if you are looking for bit more than just written word, then this application might satisfy your needs. It has the feature of incorporating multimedia elements like videos and audios to the text that you are typing. It is an app that could help you in coming up with an interactive piece.  The control section might pose some problems. However, the overall experience is great according to users’ experience.


  1. Bubblesort Laboratories’  iJournaler

If you are looking for an app with a good appearance for your iPhone or iPad, then this could solve your purpose. It comes with a look of a hard bound leather journal and looks quite elegant. Websync is an added advantage but more advanced features are going to be added soon.

  1. Floreat Books’ AuthorJotter

If you want to quickly jot down ideas, notes and anything else, this application would help you greatly. It serves the purpose of a note taking device. In comparison with a standard Note application, the interface of this app seems much better. The app also has the option for mailing the notes. There are no writer centric options like a landscape mode. However, it could be admired for its functionality and simplicity.

  1. Andrew Nicolle’s Story Tracker

If you are someone who makes submission through emails regularly, then this application would be of a great benefit. This is nothing but an organizing device that helps keeping a tab on all the work you submit. If you have been sending too many of your stories to several publishers and are unable to keep track of the status, then this device would help you to keep tings organized. Desktop database that allows exporting the information to your system is an added advantage.

  1. The Associated Press’ AP Style Book

If you are looking for reference guides to aid you in the writing process, then AP stylebook is what you need. You could find up to date information on any kind of writing aid with the help of this application. With the help of your iPhone, you could use this app to make your writing process, simple and fast. The only disadvantage of this application is that it’s a bit expensive.

  1. Filter App’s ScriptWrite

If you are an upcoming script writer, then this application is a must on your phone. This highly specialized app provides you with tools that are specifically helpful in scriptwriting. Seamless page rather than categorization of pages as in the case of other writer friendly applications is one of the main advantages. This way, the creative flow of the writer is never interrupted. iPad up date is yet to be introduced for this application.

  1. Black Mana Studios’  Screenplay

This is another word processing application for your iPhone that is focused on scriptwriting/screenwriting. It is closely integrated with the final draft that is usually a customary feature for all desktop oriented screen writing applications. It comes with all kinds of basic features and has a decent interface that is quite user friendly.

  1. Tapnik’s Brainstormer

This is a splendid application that is mainly designed for helping writers to overcome their block. Hence, its not just a word processing tool but also functions as a source of inspiration. The three spinning wheels in the app that are categorized into subjects, locations and themes helps to set the imagination of the writer to fire.

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