It is very important for any website to have a marketing plan in place to get sales going. When we talk about eCommerce store it is must have a marketing plan to make sure your website get traffic and sales. You need to try different online marketing tactics in order to figure out which one works for you the best. Like it or not selling a product online can take the majority of your time. You need to focus on how to attract new site visitors and how to convince them to buy a product from your eCommerce store. Here I have compiled a few good ideas to take ways and experiment with. There are a lot of different ways to market an online store and doing them all right can be a quite a bit of challenge. So try of few of them and see what works for you the best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any website. When we talk about eCommerce, SEO can provide your lots of free traffic to your store. The more optimized your store for SEO the better chances that your page will rank higher on an eCommerce store. There are many elements like website load speed, meta description, meta tags, page titles, outbound links etc. can affect your website’s SEO. It’s great to have all these things in proper order to rank your website higher.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content and marketing on the social media can increase brand awareness and engagement on your eCommerce store.  With good content, you can also rank on organic ranking in search engines and that will give you free traffic to your website. Insightful content also drives lots of traffic to the website and increase user engagement.

Intelligently place CTA( Call to Action) button

Having a sense of urgency to a product influence a customer to make a purchase.  Direct and creative call to relatively short and clear call to action with a crisp message can encourage website visitor to make a purchase or subscribe for an email. Adding action which says “subscribe now”, “buy now” works best.

If you own an ecommerce website, your primary goal is obviously to improve your sales. To do so, you have to understand your visitors and find ways to both attract and keep their attention. One technique for doing so that you need to master is the art of using online visual merchandising to your advantage. Turning visitors into paying customers by using the visual elements of your website to sell your products efficiently is called online store visual-merchandising. By organizing your website a certain way, such as grouping images in a visually appealing manner, you can guide your potential clients to the various pages of your website and convince them to add items to their orders. The process is similar to how shoppers are guided to examine items on certain store shelves because those items are arranged in an eye-catching way.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer review makes a huge difference on the purchasing decision of the site visitor. More than 50% of the customer read product reviews given by the previous purchaser.  Positive customer review also gives your edge from the SEO perspective.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a most effective way to market your eCommerce store. Starting eCommerce mailing list is the best way to reach out the people who have shown interest in the products that you have on the website. You just need to make sure you are capturing email of the website visitor. The more easy the email capturing process the more email that will be captured.

mCommerce Optimization

Many visitors of the eCommerce website might come from mobile devices. According to IBM,  this black  Friday week, 26% of all online sales were made from mobile devices. Mobile commerce is the upcoming trend and you need to make your store mobile ready. From using simple mobile payment processing to testing pages for checkout, mCommerce optimization is must since mobile adoption rates is increasing rapidly.

Shorten Checkout Process

Checkout process should not be very lengthy, in order to get more conversion your eCommerce site.  Never sacrifice security through and always assure the customer that their details are safe. In order to get this thing going, we need to keep in mind that shorter checkout process will add the mCommerce optimization.

Focus 80% of effort on your Best Products

According to Pareto’s Law , it’s likely that 80% of profit are derived from 20% of products. By focusing on the small number of product which are most profitable and have more sales can help you achieve exponential growth.

Social Media Promotion

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest can drive you lot of free traffic.  Run a sweepstakes or contacts on Facebook to get new email subscribers, tweet about your special & new products, and expand your followers and fans.  Promote your eCommerce website on the social media and get more traffic to your website.

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