10 Things to remember in SEO

•    For business SEO, one should use keywords that are user-friendly. This will make it easier for the user to search for the website. Keywords that are popular among the public will help you to allow others to see your site as well. The greater the number of users that search and visit your website, the better the ranking for the website.


•    SEO is not all about using the website for a business purpose only, wherein the visitors are treated as business clients. SEO leaders should lure the visitors to stay on the page and learn from there. At the end of the day, a SEO performer would want to see his website at the top on Google results.

•    The primary keywords may be improved by the use of landing pages where they can improve the present condition of the webpage once they get enough of the traffic. Landing pages are used to convert visitors into sales leads. This is possible by increasing the time of stay of the user on a webpage.

•    The title of the webpage must match the description of the webpage. Most of the time, if not all of the time, the users allot only a limited time to reading something on the web. It’s best to use the most popular words so that even in that short amount of time they’ll understand the details of your website and want to visit it.

•    The keywords of the website should all be related to the field that is covered by the website. It must be able to cover all the forms of statements that one could search on the Google. The maximum of the portion of the website must be covered by these keywords to optimize it.

•    With the help of the Google adwords tool, you can come to know and learn about concepts such as ‘global searching rank ‘ and ‘local searching’. Knowledge of this will help the ranking of the website and it’s visibility on Google results.

•    By use of low competitive keywords, a webpage will be able to reach the top position comparatively easier than one that uses highly competitive keywords.

•    You should increase the number of comments, on websites that are similar to your website, that share the link to your website and how useful it is. It is important to not make it appear as spam.

•    The SEO will always be the key. People find websites by searching for the keywords that are provided by the SEO that can be found in the title or description. The web designer doesn’t play a role in trafficking for the website, but it can help attract people long enough to stay on the page and take a look around.

•    Website linking should be done between the pages that are recognized by Google and thus give some value. Some of the pages do not endorse the website so it does not add any value, so sharing links with these webpages are useless.

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