Do You Have A Regular System For Getting Pages To Rank High In Google

Believe it or not there is actually more than one way to get a page to rank really well in Google or even at the very top of the results.   Most people think there is one little secret that they are missing out on.  In reality there isn’t any secret.  There is more than one way.  Once you figure out a way that works well for you, then you should develop a system around it.  That way you can get each new page to rank well if you want them to.

page to rank
page to rank

If you get really good at it, then you will see that it is possible to get your pages listed more than one time in the top ten search results.  You can get double listings and even triple listings in the search results if you are good.  Do you know how to get a triple listing in Google?

Some people get their pages to rank well by focusing heavily on their on-page search engine optimization.  Believe it or not, your on-page search engine optimization can overpower most of your competitors if you do it well enough.   The key is to have lots of directly relevant content on your page.  The more content you have on there the better.  But, you have to make sure that content is directly relevant to the main search phrase you are trying to rank for.

If you are really trying to produce a highly focused page, then this isn’t going to be a problem. You can increase the page size simply by adding a couple more paragraphs of text to the page.  You have to make sure you structure it right too.  Use larger fonts and headers to break the page up into smaller very specific parts.  Google likes that.   Google also likes to see your primary keyword phrase appear several times or more.

Some people are afraid that they will be accused of keyword stuffing if they have the keyword on their too many times.  This is a possibility.  However, it is not a big deal if you have enough other content on the page as well.  They will look at your keywords as a percentage of total page content.  So, as long as you have enough total content on the page, then your keywords could appear four, five or six times.

Some people get their pages to rank well by building tons of anchor text links back at that specific page.  This works in Google too.  You can get a page to rank higher if you get enough links pointing to it using the right anchor text.  There are also spam filters that you can trip though.  You can get penalized for over-optimization.  Too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing.

Another way people get their pages to rank high is by getting links to other pages on their site.  You might not think that those links to the other pages matter all that much.  But, they really do.  Every time your website gets a link pointing back at it, that link adds more authority to the whole website.  If you get enough of this authority, then new pages on your website will rank really well even if they don’t get any links back to them from other websites.  Domain authority is a very powerful thing.

You have probably seen a lot of websites with tons of domain authority outranking your pages.  Amazon is a great example of a site with tons of domain authority.   Wikipedia is another good example.  I bet you have seen plenty of pages from both those sites ranking well in the search results.

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