The best sites to create your own avatars

If you are Internet User for quite some time,then you must be familiar with avatars. If not then let me explain that Avatars are the funny animated or say cartoon pictures that we use to represent ourselves on the Internet Community. An Avatar is a picture that appears next to our name whenever we make comments on the blogs etc.

So if you do not want to use your original picture then you can use Avatar to represent yourself. For this you need to create Avatar for yourself. There are plenty of online sites as well as softwares which allow to create avatars. I recommend for going with online sites because software may have limited functions and features while that sites keep updating day to day. Most importantly by using the Sites you don’t have to go for aching task of downloading and all that.


So what sites you should use for this??Here is the list of best sites to create your Avatars.


Its probably the best Site to create Avatars. It allows you to even create your 3d Avatars. The process is quite simple all you need to do is to go to their site. There are plenty of already created avatars. You can either chose one of them or upload your own image as well to create avatar from it. After uploading the picture you can make changes and customize it with number of tools available there. Once you are satisfied with the avatar you can download it and use it wherever you want to use it and all that stuff free of cost.

Face Your Manga

The another good site to create online avatars is Faceyourmanga. The site
is loaded with full features that you would like to use while creating your avatars.T he site has also the option to access pre created Avatars. You may access them and can use them as well without wasting to create your own Avatar. You need to sign up on the site which is absolutely free. So give it a try and create your Avatar now.

Yahoo Avatars

Well here the brand name says quality itself. The Yahoo gives you the service of creating your own Avatar. I think there is no need to talk about its features and like all other services of Yahoo this one is also pretty much easy to use.


Meez is Avatar creation tool that allows you to create Avatars of full body
sizes. Unlike many other Avatar creation tools this one have the facility of
creating Avatars for both faces and bodies as well.

South Park Avatars

This service comes from the house of* South Park Studios* themselves.You
can create your Avatars within the matter of minutes.For this you don’t
require any type of advanced knowledge because their user interface is very
simple to follow.


It is one of the few available online services that allow you to create 3D Avatars. So if you are looking to create a 3D Avatar for your online Representation then Evolver is for you.

That was the list of best online Avatar creation sites according to me and some of my friend’s usage. If you find any other good service then spread it to world by dropping comments below.

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