Android 4.0-The ice cream sandwich

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more. It builds on certain criteria people love about Android – easy multitasking, customizable home screens, rich notifications, resizable widgets and some deep interactivity too – and it adds powerful new methods of sharing and communicating.


Simple, Beautiful, Useful

Refined and evolved UI

Aiming at bringing the strength of this Android in the open, Android 4.0 certainly makes the existing common actions a little more visible and allows you to navigate with simple and intuitive gestures. Clearly, the refined animations and the feedback mechanism present throughout the system makes interactions more engaging and interesting. A completely new typeface that is optimized for the high-resolution screens certainly improves the readability which also brings a modern and polished feel to user interface.

The Virtual buttons present in System Bar allows you to navigate immediately to the Back, Home, and the Recent Apps. The virtual buttons and System bar are there across all the apps, but this can surely be dimmed by the applications for your full-screen viewing. You can access each and every application’s contextual options present in Action Bar that is being displayed at the very top [sometimes at the bottom too) of your  screen.

Android’s key strength is certainly multitasking and that is made easier and visual on the Android 4.0.  Very Recent Apps button allows you to change from one work to the other then and there, by using the list present in System Bar. List will beautifully pop up to show you thumbnail images of the apps used recently – tapping a thumbnail will automatically switch back to the app.

Rich and the interactive notifications allows you to constantly keep in touch with the incoming messages, view real-time updates from the apps, play music tracks and much more.


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