5 Top Tips to Lower your Blog’s Bounce Rate

The best way to tell whether your website is doing well is through various web analyses. If you have some kind of analytical programs, than do it now or else you can easily get one free from Google analytics by setting an account.

bounce rate

Confused? Do not worry let’s make it simple for you by focusing in on the most important thing that helps decide your website effectiveness on the web.

Those who are in the online businesses have already heard about the bounce rate, but for those who are not aware of what it is then let us have a look. A bounce rate is term used for the website analysis traffic.

To put it in simple words bounce rate is the ration, the percentage of viewers who came to your website and left your website/page on the first go without doing any activity. Here activity means, clicking web pages or visiting any section on your website. So, the high bounce rate means the content or the webpage was not relevant or seems to be interesting to the visitors who visited your website.

Reasons for Bounce Rate

Viewers that are visiting your website main page are believed to be bounced if visitors:

  • Types in the new URL
  • Click on the different link that takes them to other website
  • Closes the website and shifts to other tab
  • Leaves the website by clicking pressing tab button
  • Session expires- the webpage is ideal for more than 25 minutes

If your website is your worrying cause, then immediately look ways to lower the bounce rate, but how? The answer is quite simple; give your audience what they are looking for.

Top 5 tips to lower down the Blog’s bounce rate

So, coming to the main point! Below mentioned are the top 5 tips to lower down your blog’s bounce rate.

Capturing Your Audience through Best Design

No matter how rich are your blog’s content pictures, images or any attractive designs speak more than words. Use good pictures and designs that capture the attention.

Add Relevant Content

It is important not to overlook this problem. For e.g. if you want to fix your apple computer you type in with the word apple and you are reaching the website where you find it describes about the fruit apple. Obviously you are hitting the back button. The message is very clear and loud. Make your website relevance with good quality content.

Remove Pop-ups

Pop-up irritates people and can turn off people at times if you have enabled every time when someone visits your webpage. Consider the pros and cons and rectify the mistake.

Update Daily & Each Page Must Have The Purpose

Keep your blog updated by writing regularly with each page having some purpose. If you want to make your blog an exceptional it is important to think and write from your visitor’s point of view and see what would make them find it interesting.

Remove Extra Ads

It’s true that bloggers love to earn money through blogging. But adding extra ads will surely bounce back your visitors and sometimes let them go forever. So remove all the extra ads mainly above the fold and see your blog growing.

Hope above tips helps you in adding some great traffic to your blog with improved bounce rate.

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