Top 15 Options For Your Android- In Terms Of Popularity

Android with all its digital maneuvering is not only blowing great guns; but also ruling the roost in terms of market statistics. Here is a look at some of the better deal makers.

League Basketball


Popularly known as; the type is proverbially popular amongst those with fascination for basketball. With a wide array of customizable options; the lovers of the game are found freaking out to their delight and glory.

Voice chart

The game is currently leading the table of free application. It was trimmed up with its latest updates sometimes back in 2011- June. But, you will be surprised knowing how it has held its sway in the current market with the demand level crossing the counts of millions.

Airport City

It is yet another game, with an ever-rising upswing curve.

The second version of defender

The game which has come as a sequel to its preceding counterpart is another profit yielding application. Newly installed armory and schematics happen to be its leading hallmarks.

Zombies defense vis. a vis. Samurai

The game has been recently refurbished with fresh efforts of optimization. This might have egged on its popularity.

The card game of Bahamut

The game with the options for settlement with cards has picked up on counts of popularity as well.

Draw Something

It is one of the top rated draws of the mentioned circuit. The paid option thriving on OMGPOP has picked up tremendously on counts of installation, leading way ahead for few weeks together.

Voice chart

It happens to be another top rated option, leading the free application type. According to the most recent trend, the demand for installation has crossed the limit of fifty millions.


The application with its orientation towards photographing gels with the system scheme of 2.2. But as far as its rating is concerned, it occupies the eighth slot in terms of ranking.

Angry birds

Despite being one of the leading grosser on other format, the game gets the 12th slot on Google ranking.

Temple run

The games challenging contenders to outwit deviously oriented monkeys have come up with an inspiring rating and rave reviews.

Phase 10

Developed by an independent authority, the game with its fifteen playing types and three levels of difficulty, has managed to strike gold with its current ranking of seventeen.

Train Crisis

The application which is both challenging as well as speed oriented leaves you on a steering spree.  You are needed to guide the moving trains away from intimidating deals.  The game looks well set for great promises ahead.


The application which looked quite promising on counts of popularity, the last week round, may not be equally popular in this. But the application is pretty useful facilitating the making of collage and layouts.

Cutting ropes

As far as the current trend goes, it happens to be one of the leading yielders of rich return. The game consisting of one-hundred and twenty five levels is as cheap as .99 US Dollars.

The mentioned option gives you the choice to handpick your desirable applications. The insight into some of the desirable offers definitely merits a mention.

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