Are you looking for ways to earn money online working from home? We have compiled a list of 21 ways in which you could possibly do this right from the comfort of your home. The only thing you need to have is a computer and reliable source of internet connection.

  1. Taking online paid surveys; paid surveys take only a few minutes to fill in a questionnaire. It’s one of the easiest way to make some extra money online and guess what? You don’t have to be a genius to get this done. 
  1. Transcribing; this entails listening to audio files or videos online and replicating what hear on your computer by typing. Does it sound fun? You can get for transcription right from home. 
  1. Online course; if you can teach a course in any discipline online, you can absolutely make some from your home. This could be anything ranging from playing a music instrument to preparing a meal. 
  1. Writing and selling books online? If writing is your passion you can actually write, publish and market your book online, all you need is to be self-driven to get this done because writing a booking is not for everyone. 
  1. Freelance writing; writing is a powerful tool utilized by many businesses in many ways, for instance for a good advertisement post some catchy phrase needs to be written and the opportunity are limitless from blogs to news posts .you can earn quite some good money if find some good writing gigs. 
  1. Running your own website; want to make money while you are sleeping? Starting a website right from your home and getting some good traffic will generate you money even when sleeping. 
  1. Affiliating marketing; most of us spend a lot of time on social media. If you have established good online presence, you can earn commission by promoting all kinds of products and services for companies and earn good rates while at it. 
  1. Music review; for music lovers it’s possible to simply earn some extra money by reviewing music online. It may take a while to make a name doing this but once it catches on you can make some handsome income right from your house. 
  1. Sell photos online; are you creative? Have you taken some good photos in the past? You can actually post some of these photos on some websites online and get paid for it. 
  1. Article writing; do you enjoy writing? This could be putting together some informative information on certain subjects ranging from technical areas to beauty practices. Once you write an interesting piece you can put it up for sale on certain websites that sell articles and make some extra cash once it’s bought. 
  1. Freelance work; this can range from some graphic design to typing online. Some jobs out there require this kind of services without hiring an in-house staff to get them done. If you land this jobs you can make money online sitting on your couch at home. 
  1. YouTube videos; people watch a lot of YouTube videos. If you are passionate of creating some from your home, you can earn from them by receiving profit from advertising when your viewers hit a certain threshold. 
  1. Establishing an online community; creating an online community or forum can enable you make some money online. There are various ways of monetizing it including charging membership fee. 
  1. Blogging; companies are interested in paying bloggers to promote their products. Laying out a blog that commands good traffic can making you money online through promoting a wide array of products for your clients. 
  1. Internet search; some online companies will pay you to answer questions sent to them, you get to choose which questions to answer and make some cash while at it. 
  1. Testing websites; did you know it’s possible to make money testing websites? Simply visiting a websites some companies can pay you right from your home. 
  1. Selling homemade product online; if you are skillful in making ornaments or even clothes, earning some extra cash from home shouldn’t be a problem. Technology allows us to receive payment and dispatch goods through delivery services. 
  1. Reviewing products; providing knowledge to the customer concerning certain products, and gathering customer feedback online to help others make sound purchasing decisions could make you some money online. Companies are constantly looking for people to do reviews. 
  1. Online customer care; you can make some money buy serving as an online customer care provider for a company from your home on part time basis. This could help you create some income flexibly from home. 
  1. Installing apps; if you download and install some apps you can make some extra cash online, this depends on the number of apps you have installed by the end of the month. Companies like Google offer such opportunities, 
  1. Data entry; this another area where one could make some money. Data entry even for established companies can be outsourced depending on the sensitivity of the information. This will absolutely get paid whenever you land such a gig. 

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