The growth of technology has brought an enormous number of changes in the field of education. Previously where studying was only limited only to the classroom but with the use of technology, one can now study at anyplace and anytime when they require. Thanks to the various digital devices which have brought in these changes. Recent technology includes tablet, mobile phones, computer, etc. that are portable and can be operated from anywhere, thus giving a platform of study according to the need of their users. Let us have a look on to the various number of benefits of using technology in learning- 

(i) Accessible from any place- Technology in education can be used from anywhere in the world, even during traveling time. Such as if a student is traveling he can practice questions and get NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths, which helps students to utilize their leisure time.

(ii) Visual Learning- Most of the devices rely on to the visual means of learning, that helps users to have a clear visualization of the concepts. Due to which students can easily understand the in-depth concepts. Also, one can remember the concepts for a prolonged duration. 

(iii) E-books- In an offline mood of learning, students have to bear the weight of carrying many books along with them in a classroom, but with the use of technology in education, one can easily access thousands of books from their digital device, which are compact and can be easily carried. 

(iv) Access to world-class study material- With the advent of the internet, students can study through world-class study material. These study material are easy to understand and provide an advanced study that can help to have a better learning.

All these benefits of technology have enhanced the learning capabilities of students. This improves student’s performance. Students of class 11 need to go through the maths and science solutions to excel in their examination. Students can get Class 11 Maths NCERT Solutions by visiting our site.

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