15 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

Chrome Extensions
Chrome Extensions


Although Google Chrome is not the top choice among web browsers, it is still growing at an astonishing rate. As a web designer, it is vital to stay on top of the latest technologies in order to provide quality material to clients. Web browsers are no different than having the most upgraded designing software. Extensions and add-ons make Google Chrome easy to use and these 15 Chrome extensions are extremely handy for web designers.

15 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers:

  1. Aviary Screen Capture – This is a great tool to use to take high-quality screenshots of any web page. It allows you to draw arrows or rectangles to emphasize material and edit. The extension allows you to capture a screen instantly and it can be saved either onto the desktop, a host online or in other Aviary apps. You have the ability to grab colors from the web page and the Aviary Screen Capture details the exact pixel colors of whatever image you capture.
  2. Chrome SEO – For any web designer, having a website that shows off previous design work is important in order to gain new clients. By using Chrome SEO, you are given advanced search engine optimization tools that help with recording daily SEO tasks. The extension allows you to easily track information, such as keyword research, backlink checks, page ranks and competitive analyses.
  3. Chrome Sniffer – Even though this extension may sound funny, what it does is no laughing matter. It allows web designers to easily review web framework/CMS and the JavaScript library that is running on whatever website. As of now, the extension can detect up to 70 popular CMS and JavaScript libraries and it easily notifies you with an icon when frameworks are detected.
  4. Eyedropper – As in design programs, the eyedropper tool has proved to be a great tool, so Chrome created an Eyedropper extension. It allows designers to pick out specific colors that are located on any web page and to transfer the color to a design project.
  5. IE Tab – Google Chrome realizes that designers need to toggle between different web browsers based on client needs, so the IE Tab was invented. It allows designers to use Chrome when Internet Explorer is the default web browser. Currently, this is only a Windows extension.
  6. Speed Tracer – Never again will designers face performance problems in their web applications as the Speed Tracer extension was invented in order to help correct those problems. The extension analyzes low-level instrumentation points because Speed Tracer visualizes the web application’s metrics.
  7. MeasureIt! – With this extension, designers can easily measure any element on a web page. It is a ruler that will measure the actual pixel width and height, thus making the creation of a design extremely easy.
  8. Pendule – If the current designing tools are not sufficient enough, installing the Pendule extension will prove to be beneficial as it comes with extended web developer tools, such as viewing JavaScript, reloading and disabling CSS or getting information about images.
  9. Webpage Screenshot – Although this extension has the same basic elements of the Aviary Screen Capture Extension, the Webpage Screenshot extension allows designers a bit more flexibility. First, it saves screenshots into one image file and second of all, it allows designers to save the image of the web page as a PNG or JPG image file. Plus, it can be easily uploaded to popular social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  10. Window Resizer – To view the web browser in various resolutions, then the Window Resizer Google Chrome extension is the perfect fit. It helps designers and web developers alike to test out layouts on various browser resolutions. Three screen types are available, which are: desktop, laptop/notebook and mobile.
  11. Firebug Lite – With this Google Chrome extension, web developers and designers are able to edit a live web page’s CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  12. PlainClothes – This extension will allow a designer to “unstyle” the web. Simply put, it will allow a person to personalize how a certain web page is viewed.
  13. Snippy – This cute named extension allows web developers and designers to take snippets of a web page for later use or to upload via Google Docs.
  14. FlashBlock – The name for this extension is exactly what it does. It will block Flash content from occurring on a web page and will leave placeholders on the page so that if you will like viewing the Flash content, you can with a simple click.
  15. Validity – This extension quickly validates the HTML documents displayed on the address bar.

Web designers must be quick and efficient when it comes to their work, so by using these Google Chrome extensions, you can potentially increase work times while providing design work that will be taken well by your clients.

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