Boycott SOPA” Is The New Android App That Puts SOPA Opponents In Control

If you are regular internet user then you might be familiar with SOPA (Stop Piracy Act).The opponents are rising from all over the world. People like me and you are shocked that what we can do to protest SOPA. All the webmasters kept their sites down to protest SOPA but what a normal person can do to protest it??

If the same question is arising in your mind then “Boycott SOPA” the new android app is for you. Here is the brief view about it:

Things You Need:

To get started using this great app and to protest SOPA all you need is to have Android based Mobile Phone or Tablet. Then you just need to download that app from android market (free download) and start using it.


Why This App:

Why to use this “Boycott SOPA” app. The answer is clear, to tell congress that you are against this act. Actually many companies are there which are in the support of SOPA. They are at their best to make it a law. But if this act passes, then there will be no free knowledge and no free content as well. The internet will no longer be the source of knowledge. Sites like Wikipedia will become history.

How this App let you Protest SOPA:

You must be thinking that how this android app will let you protest SOPA.

There no. of company owners and website owners who are in the support of  SOPA.We are not familiar with those companies. We are using their products daily and by this way we are supporting then financially. To keep the knowledge of all those companies name is a damn tough task.”Boycott SOPA” app makes it simple. It tells you whether a product you are going to buy is manufactured by the SOPA supporter company or not. So by getting this info you can easily  decide  whether it is wise to buy that product or not. So by not buying those products and hence by not giving them financial support you will be protesting SOPA in the great and quiet way.

How to use:

This great app is developed by two college programmers(names are not published) and is very simple to use. The usage is similar to that of the use of simple bar code reader. Actually this is quite like a bar code reader which scans the bar codes and gets the manufacturer information. To use this app you first need to download “ZXing Barcode Scanner” app from the android market and then “Boycott SOPA” can be downloaded. Here is the screen shot of the working of  “Boycott SOPA” app.

After downloading the both apps from Android market just run the “Boycott SOPA” app and select the scan option (first screenshot).After this it will scan the bar codes of the product and will put a red cross mark if the scanned product is manufactured by SOPA supporter company, otherwise there will be a green check mark there. Second screenshot shows that the product scanned is by SOPA supporter company.

So after scanning all the products there will be a list generated of the scanned products along with the red cross or right check signs.

So to protest SOPA and tell your displeasure regarding SOPA to the SOPA supporter companies, use this “Boycott SOPA” Android app now and stop buying products of those companies so that we can protect the Internet.

Download “Boycott SOPA” android app from here..


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