8 Awesome Gadgets for Professional Bloggers

The days are gone when blogging was just a hobby and nothing more.Now a days more and more people are taking blogging seriously and making living on blogging.There are many  pro bloggers whose income depends on blogging.You may be also one of them.Blogging is pretty much similar to news reporting because you need to stay updated with the latest tech news,gadgets and latest stuff to keep getting fresh content for your website.Sometimes there occurs the lack of gadgets for any blogger.The professional bloggers must have all the necessary gadgets which are useful for blogging.Huge market of gadgets is out there, so which gadgets are the necessary one for professional bloggers??

Here is the list of 8 Awesome Gadgets for Professional Bloggers.



Blogging means unique connection with internet than the normal users have.Blogging needs Internet every time.So pro bloggers need a device by which they can surf Internet while on the go.Netbook fulfills this need.There are plenty of netbooks available in the market.Bloggers must go for one that satisfies all the Internet needs.One can also go for the laptops as well but that’s not a wise idea to spend money on extra features when one just need internet mostly,which a netbook can easily provide.Professional Bloggers can also go for Apple’s iPad which is small in size and can be used as a replacement for netbooks.

2.Storage device:Hard Disk or Pen drive

That’s also important gadget because to make  blog posts attractive every blogger wants to add some media in it and use of the pictures,videos is common nowadays.If we find any video related to our blog post then we need to have storage device to store it, other wise we will forget that video on the other day.So having a portable hard disk for big media and  pen drive for small media is necessary today.

3.Wi-Fi Finder

That’s good gadget to have with every professional blogger so he/she can connect to password free Wi-Fi connection wherever it is available.

4. A Quality Camera:

Professional Bloggers do not copy images (mostly lolz).They use their self captured images.So if you want to be real professional blogger you will also need to use self captured images in your blog.A quality camera is required for this.There are plenty of good quality cameras manufactured by Canon.You can go for any camera according to your need.

 5.Voice Recorder:

When you turn into professional blogging you can have relations with other successful pro bloggers like Amit Agarwal,Darren Rowse.Suppose you gets the chance to join their conference then you can record all the precious words coming from these Gurus easily with voice recorder.You can also do it with your mobile as well but i have seen mostly people forget about the voice recording feature of mobiles.Use any way you want but important fact is that you use because the days of writing lectures on paper are gone.

6.Mini Printer and Scanner:

Use Mini printer  so that you can take the hard copies of your content or pictures and and  use scanner so you can upload your pictures to your computer easily.


7.Instant Webcam Snapper:

It allows to make the professional videos and also allows you to directly uploads the videos on specified servers (depending on your configuration).It is also recommended for professional bloggers and can save your time a lot.

8.Mp3 Player

That’s not  type of  gadget which is related to blogging directly.But it is connected to blogging indirectly.Blogging is fun and sometimes can be stress full work as well.I also feel stress sometimes.Professional Bloggers are also human beings and when human beings are in stress they can’t do anything.So Mp3 player can be used at that time to get back into good mood.A mobile phone can also fulfill the need.


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