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Top Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing

The blogging is not just a hobby now. Many people are taking it as a profession day by day. The no. of blogs are increasing day by day and so the competition is. As a blogger you must be familiar with the benefits of Social Networking Sites in the field of blogging. Actually in the past some years, the craze of social sites, has increased too much. That’s why every blogger is taking the Social Media very seriously, as now a days, it is also one of the major sources of the traffic.

Almost every blogger currently is using the social media plugins for social bookmarking purposes. Some bloggers are using the simple official Twitter and Facebook buttons and some are developing extra featured plugins themselves. A lots of online sites are there, which provide you features rich social bookmarking plugins. Well, there are thousands of websites for the same. After seeing a huge rush of such sites and plugins, you will get confused that which one are the right for you. So I decided to create this post, in which I am going to post some of the best social bookmarking plugins, that you can use in your website and take the full benefit of social sites.

So here is the list of Top Social Bookmarking plugins.


It is the probably best social bookmarking plugin for the WordPress. The plugin gives you to access to use the social bookmarking button on the different positions. You can set the buttons to any position that you want. You can place the social buttons top or below the content. You also have the allowance to use the buttons on the left or right of the content.


WP Socializer

This one is the plugin with lots of options. The plugin give you access to the 105 social buttons including the social buttons for the major sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This plugin gives your visitors access to share your content on any social networking site, they want.

WP Socializer

WordPress Sharebar

This one is not as old as the others, but in a short time, the plugin has got very famous. Now the plugin can be found on the popular blogs as well. This plugin places a fixed vertical bar on the left side or right side of your content, this vertical bar contains buttons to the major social networking sites.

Wordpress Sharebar

The Slide

This one is personally my favorite. This is not any  book marking plugin, but it is a related posts plugin. Means, this plugin shows the related post of any particular article in a very modern way. So this plugin keep the visitor interested on your blog and increases the average visit time.

The Slide

Share This

This is the plugin which can be commonly found on most of the WordPress blogs. This is recommended plugin for each and every one. The best part about this plugin is that, on the one hand it gives your visitors the various choices of social networking sites, on which they can share your content and on the other hand, this plugin do not cover the valuable space on your website.

Share This

So it was the list of top 5 Social Bookmarking plugins for WordPress. These plugins are the best one for social sharing purposes. As a blogger, you must know the benefit of social networking sites. The Social Networking sites have a huge rush of traffic every day, you can attract this traffic to your blog by making use of these plugins on your WordPress blog.

Hope you like the article. If you know any other good social bookmarking plugin, that we did not mention here, then please let us know this via your comments below.

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