Top 25 amazing apps for the iphone

The iPhone from the Apple is best smart phone so far. The smart phone is features with many features that makes it number one. Not only the hardware configuration, but the internal features also stands on the no. 1 in the race of smart phones. Many companies have tried their best to make the iPhone down, but no one is having success with it. So what is the reason that makes it best???

Well, the answer is a quite sure, its ability to support a plenty of apps. Because the hardware features are a thing, that any other company can also copy, but no one can copy the uniqueness of the apps that is found in the iPhone apps. There are about 2,50,000 apps till today for the iPhone. The apps can be easily download from the Apple iTunes store. The apps are both the free and in paid format as well. There are too many apps, that you will get confused that which one is for you. So I decided to make this post, in which I am going to post about the top apps for the iPhone. These apps are not confined in any particular category. These are just arranged on the basis of their popularity and the users reviews.

So lets have a look on the top apps for the iPhone.

1. Facebook

Well the reason, why I am posting it on the first number is quite clear. Today the smart phone’s features are calculated on the basis of its Social Networking Sites, because today the people are crazy about the social attachment. Facebook is the no.1 in this list. With the Facebook installed in your iPhone, you can easily access all the common sections of Facebook, like message box, notifications, news feed etc.

Facebook APPs For Iphone

2. Run Keeper

This one is the app related to the health, This app is very good to track your routine jogging and cycling process. This app has been found very famous among the iPhone users. The app was earlier available in the pro and free versions, but all the features are present there in the free version as well. With this app, you can easily track your stamina, calorie burn and activities of your body.

Run Keeper

3. Drop box

Being the iPhone owner, you must be familiar with the fact that how necessary is to keep connection between the PC and iPhone. We need to connect the iPhone to our PC many times for the data sharing purposes. There are plenty of apps available there made for the same sake, but Drop box is the best out of them. I my self have used many apps for this purpose and have found Drop box to be the best. This app let you easy sync data between your iPhone and PC. It allows you to access the data, download the data for offline view and most importantly view the data as well.

Drop box

4. Thetrainline

If you are traveler, then this app is for you. You may have used the Railway Enquiry app for the iPhone ever. If yes, then this app is also quite similar to that one. You can get the journey planning, cost details and train schedule and tickets as well. Having this app in your iPhone, you need not to worry about the trains schedule as this app ensures you to keep updated with all the train updates of your locality.


5. Skype

It is the best app to make free calls. It is must download app for all the iPhone users. You need to have a Skype account only to access all the features of this cool app. Having this app installed in your iPhone, you can chat with your friends online, make free call from one Skype account to your friend’s Skype. You can even make cheap worldwide calls as well, with this cool iPhone app.

skype for iphone

6. Movies

This app is related to entertainment and is must have app, if your the lover of movies and love to go for the movies usually. With this app you can track the stats of any movie, going in the cinemas near by you. You can check the user reviews about any particular picture and can also check for the schedule and timing of the movies.

Movies Apps for iphone

7. Thomson Reuters News Pro

There are thousands of apps that give you access to the latest news, but this one is probably the best one. The app is having very good features with it and can surely keep you updated with the latest news about technology or sports, and can also give you access to the latest images, stories and videos as well.

Thomson Reuters News Pro

8. Wikipanion

Well if you love Wikipedia, then you are surely going to love this one as well. No doubt Wikipedia site works fine on iPhone browser, but this app make your Wikipedia experience even better. This app allow you to go through the latest articles, with the matter of single click and also allow you to save the pages for the offline view. You can even bookmark the articles also, if you want. This app is also following the “Free Knowledge” tag line of  the Wikipedia, that’s why like Wikipedia, this app is also ads free.

wikipanion iphone app

  9. Around Me

Personally, this is favorite app of iPhone. This app give you the stats about the location near by you. You can easily get the knowledge of all the local stuff like food restaurants, banks, ATM machines as well. This app works by synchronizing the data from the Google Maps. This app will surely help you in an unfamiliar location, so you must have this app installed on your iPhone.

Around Me

10. Twitter

Twitter is also one of the best social networking site. If you love Twitter, then you are surely going to love this app as well. This app give you an easy access to your Twitter account. You can post tweets. This app has also the support of the multiple languages. With this app you can stay updated with the latest tweets from the people you follow, and that also while on the go. You can also retweet to the others tweets and can also post a reply to it.

twitter iphone app
twitter iphone app

11. Dictionary.Com

This app will convert your iPhone to an electronic dictionary, that you can access any where and any time to access the meaning of the words. This is the app that will surely enhance your English speaking and writing as well. You can get the meaning of the complicated words and can understand that word in your mother language. You can even know the synonyms and antonyms to a particular word as well.


12. Adobe Photoshop Express

You might be familiar with the features of Adobe Photoshop on PC. If you love to edit photos in the Adobe Photoshop, then this app can really complete your likes. Having this app in the iPhone will make your iPhone a portable image editor.

Adobe Photoshop Express

13. eBay Mobile

If you love selling and purchasing products online, then this app will surely make you happy. With eBay mobile on your iPhone you can easily access the eBay website and there you can have an easy access to selling and purchasing products.

14. Amazon Mobile

This app is again related to the shopping category. The Amazon is the no.1 online shopping website and now there is app for this great shopping website as well. You can easily have access to the amazon store and you can purchase anything that you would like to. The great iPhone app gives you access to all the features of the Amazon website. The app also has a bar code scanner, by which you can scan the bar code of any product and then you can check it that whether the Amazon is offering that particular product at low prices and thus you can save your hard earned money.1

15. Google Earth

This cool software of the PC is also available as an iPhone app. With this app get ready to fly over the world with your finger. Get ready to take the whole world in your palm. Google Earth app for the iPhone has got all the features that the desktop version has. You can easily check any locations while on the go.

16. XE currency

This app is a recommended app for those who need to go with the products sell or purchase, internationally. In the daily ups and down economical positions the currency conversion rates also keep rising up and falling down. But this app can make this work easier for you. You just need to enter the input currency and the output the currency, in which you want the rates to be converted into. The rest work is of the cool app. It will show the conversion amount by fetching the latest currency exchange rates.

17. BBC News

Stay yourself updated with the latest news of BBC, by using this cool app. You can have easy access to the latest news and happenings. You can even have the access to latest photos and videos as well, which are not accessible in the iPhone browser, i.e. Safari.

18. Zoopla Property Search

This app is related to property dealing.. Lots of other apps are also there for the same purpose, but this one is best out of them. The user interface of this app is awesome and very simple to follow. In addition to showing some property results, it also lists the local price about a particular property.

19. IM+

This app of the iPhone is all set to give you a better chatting experience. If you love chatting with your friends online, then you will love this app as well. This app give you access to the plenty of chat clients like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger,k Windows Live Messenger and Facebook chatting as well.

20. Virtuoso Piano Free 3

This app is for the Music lovers. This app will not make you expert in this field, but yes, it can complete the hunger of your Soul for sure. Having this app installed in your iPhone, it will turn into a mini piano, showing the key board.

21.TuneIn Radio

This app gives you access to almost 50,000 stations. So you can easily convert your iPhone into a radio, playing music all the time from the various stations.

22. Jamie’s Recipes

If you are house wife then this app is recommended for you, With this app you can have access to the recipes from Jamie Oliver. This app will convert your iPhone into a food trainer, teaching you the favorite food making procedure with the help of good pictures and videos as well.

23. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the best services of the Google and now you access this great feature of the Google Translate from the Google Translate app on your iPhone. You can easily convert between 15 different languages and can read the content in your desired language. This app is recommended for you, if you keep surfing the foreign websites, as those websites can be in the language as well.

24. Airport Utility

Use this app to take control  on your Wi-Fi network and air stations. With this app, you can have access to AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule and that also anytime and anywhere you go. After launching the app, it will show you the name of the devices, that which is connected and which is not. You can easily restore a base station, change the Wi Fi settings according to your need, anytime you want.

25. ESPN Score Center

If you are a sports lover, then this app is for you. This app gives you access to the latest updates and scores about the games and your favorite sports. Having this in your iPhone you can easily stay updated with the latest scores regarding your favorite sports and favorite teams.

Actually, there are plenty of the iPhone apps available to use with your iPhone. I have just listed some best and useful apps from them. These apps are declared best on the basis of their popularity i.e download counts and users reviews.

Please if you know any other app, that’s not listed in this article, then please let us know it by dropping your valuable comments below.

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