Top 5 Trading Apps for your iPhone

The days of time consuming trading are over, and have since been replaced with fast and convenient trading apps for your mobile devices. With an iPhone in your hand, your trading experience will be greater than ever with these trading apps:

City Index

The City Index Spread Betting app is the first of its kind and brings all the benefits of spread betting to your fingertips no matter where you are located. This app allows you to trade and analyse price movements of numerous markets from anywhere, keeping you ahead of the game at all times. As a trader, you will benefit from the ability to spread bet whenever you want, when developments in the market or price trends create new trading opportunities for you to take advantage of.

city index iphone app

FT App

The Financial times app is also gives you a great start to trading on your iPhone, although this application is a web app and not a native application. This app lets you read articles from across the whole of the FT site giving you the most up to date trading information. You also have the ability to ‘clip’ articles so that you can read them later, handy for any budding trader.

Note – App pulled out by FT from Apple Store

FT App

Group Me

Although not primarily advertised as a trading app, Group Me is a kind of social network for traders. The Group Me app for iPhones allows you to communicate easily with existing friends so you can discuss the latest markets, trends, and share helpful tips about trading. This app will make sure you stay in touch with everyone you know with group messaging, open groups, and direct messaging.

Group Me

Trade Interceptor

A s a mobile forex market trading charting package, Trade Interceptor informs you of all the market prices that you have an interest in. With personalizing features, you can decide what price feeds you want to stay on top of, while Trade Interceptor translates the data into charts ranging from one minute price feeds to monthly feeds. One unique feature that is very helpful is the alarms that can be set up to inform you when particular price points have been reached so that you can sell or buy at the most opportune times.

Trade Interceptor


Last, but certainly not least, is the Bloomberg app. This app allows you to instantly access finance and business news that can then be used with data and tracking tools to best evaluate current market trends. WIth endless news coverage in categories such as economy, health care, commodities, and stocks, Bloomberg provides real time data and information that will help you better understand the markets to aid in your trading activities. You will also be able to use the easy to understand charts and graphs which lay out current trends, as well as seeing details of particular markets during the last five years sorted by their open, close, high, or low values.

bloomberg iphone app

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