Outlook vs. Gmail – 5 Reasons why I love Outlook

All are shocked after seeing the new developed version of hotmail by Micro soft, it’s named as Outlook.

Now all geeks are thinking which is good?  New Microsoft Outlook or Gmail ? Which is best choice? I prefer you to read my 5 points that explain you why I’m going with outlook.

5 Reasons to choose Outlook

1. New and Easy Interface

So many users bored with Gmail interface, Deffenately Outlook will be the good option for those who want to try something new. Outlook navigation is very easy to use and also it’s having very professional look than Gmail.

2. Loading speed

Loading speed is very important point here; the old version of hotmail is not much good in speed if compared to Gmail. But now it seems Microsoft taken very special care on speed of Outlook, Because of that now we can use Outlook on very high speed like Gmail. We can’t decide with is best in seed Gmail OR Outlook, in my opinion both was good in speed for as now.

3. Security Improved

It seems user security also improved in the new outlook if compared to hotmail. I heard that Microsoft developers are still working on security part of Outlook, It means full version of outlook is not out till now. May be we can hope more security options in outlook in upcoming days, (Like 2 step verification of Gmail).  However for as now Gmail is top in account security part.

4. Good Social Integration

All of us know Google always try to promote Google plus in Gmail, We miss twitter, Facebook info in Gmail. But In Outlook we can see both twitter and facebook updates when you opened a massage of a person like in below screenshot.  Gmail will be good if you are Google plus addicted, Otherwise you should switch to outlook.

5. Access to Sky drive

We can use sky drive free storage with using outlook account. You can switch to outlook or sky drive or anything very quickly because of its easy navigation.  Sky drive is my favorite, that’s the main reason why I switched to outlook.

I know google also offering free storage service called as “Google Drive” but sky drive is better than G Drive in my opinion for quick and fast file storage.

Bottom line:

Now it’s your turn, Time to choose your primary Mail service. I prefer you to try both Gmail and outlook for few weeks, and then take decision which is good as your primary. I Hope my points help you to choose the best service.

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