If you are really conscious about your health, then you will surely be pleased to hear that your iPad can do wonders in helping you keep your health at its best. Be it loosing excess fat or be it getting a well toned body, iPad applications can help you do all this and much more.  Here are the top 5 iPad applications related to health and fitness you must get right away.

Fitness Free HD (free)

Health iPad Applications

This app gives you about 250 exercises with pictures and text instruction for better understanding. For all you Yoga fans, the application includes up to fifty Yoga steps along with information on what benefits they will bring you. Also, you may add your own exercises along with instructions and pictures. The application will give you three free readymade workouts. You may record your achievements during conference sessions and review your record as well. The application has two different types of fitness program modes- Fast (allows you to quickly edit your program or crate one) and Quick Recipes (allows you to chose a readymade program) Adjust your workouts for the next training or record present goals, this fitness application is certainly a useful one.

PhysiqueBuild ($1.99)

This is your guide to fitness and will let you gain about five pounds of muscles in just ten days or how to get rid of excessive fat and take care of your muscles.
The application will help you develop strength without adding to the muscles or to gain mass as well as strength simultaneously. You will also get an yearly guide for training , Running program, nutrition information, information about body types and much more. This is your guide to good health.

FitnessBuilder (£6.15)

This is your very own portable personal trainer which will guide you through fitness plans and will let you drag and drop exercises in order to create your very own session. The application will sync with FitnessBuilder website and also offers a month trail in Plus, Pro as well as PT Access. The app has the biggest library of exercise images and exercise videos produced by exercise physiologist, orthopedist and physical therapy team. You will get challenging workouts, access to personal trainer (live), fitness calculators etc.

GymGoal Plus($4.99)

This premium workout helper will give you access to animated exercise database. You may schedule your workout and track your progress. GymGoal Plus is counted as the most expandable, adjustable and powerful application for bodybuilding and fitness. The best thing about this application is the fact that it is intuitive as well as easy to use.

iPeriod Menstrual Calendar (free)

On entering your period for two cycles consecutively, the application will calculate your average duration, estimated dates of your next periods, cycle length, ovulation as well as fertile days. Statistics will be updated every time you enter fresh data. Among other features, the application gives you alerts when the period is expected or is late, tracks mood, remembers your last period dates etc.

There is an application for each and every health related issue you can come up with be it about fitness, nutrition, losing excess fat or keeping a track of your menstrual cycle.  The top health related applications for iPad are certainly the smart way of keeping yourself fit and healthy.

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