Google, Faceebook, Wikipedia Mozilla against SOPA


If you are not aware about some big websites, such as Wikipedia Re,ddit, and even google (they will have their homescreen set as something anti-sopa/pipa) will be devastating their website for 24 hour time, to take a step against SOPA and PIPA. If you are unaware about this rule the this rule says that if there is any site violating the rule of copyright or distributing any pirated copies of any product then the US government has the power of banning the site completely or partially . That indicates if I publish a hyperlink that intrudes on anything complex, (there is a array of them) ALL of Pvhax can be banned, generating the website un-accessible by any USA customers. Any of the following elements can rely as infringing …


publishing a movie with game play in it (Glitches you publish would count)

publishing a movie with complex songs in it

along with many other elements


If your site is a multiple user site then you have to take care what the people are publishing on it and if any one shares the link of a site that is violating this SOPA rule then including that site your site will be banned by the US government. Even the right to express on internet is also hammered by this law.

There is a strong objection from the big online companies like google, facebook, regitt, Mozilla and Wikipedia on this rule. They have written a joint letter to the US government that this law can cause many of the social networking site to get banned and there will be lots of unemployment in US and even the economy of the country will fall drastically

Some of the websites which have dander if this rule is passed include Google, Youtube, Facebook, and most of the social networking sites.

So think of the internet without these big sites. These websites have integrated into our blood we can not imagine internet without these websites. To oppose this law many of the sites have gone on strike today like Wikipedia and even if they are live you will se their home page protesting about SOPA

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