In this age of rapid globalization, it is very much desirable that while we are on the move, we can do many tasks in hand through our smartphone only by collaborating with each other efficiently. The problem arises in case of geographical distance which separates the two entities from communication efficiently due to roaming charges involved.

It is here when these mobile applications running on Android OS come in handy to act as an enabler for a better, smoother and cost effective texting / free voice call option than SMS / voice call. The best known five Android based mobile applications are as follows:

WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsApp Messenger is a popular messenger for Android smartphones to send and receive messages, video messages, pictures, and audio to your friends, family and colleagues. The messages can be sent internationally to any user as long as he/she is having the WhatsApp application installed on his / her smartphone. The app uses your 3G or Wi-Fi data connection to send the messages to your added friends who have this app installed on their smartphones. The app integrates seamlessly with your contact list and automatically “picks” up the friends or contact whose phone no’s registered with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger

Viber– With Viber, users can connect with friends and contacts for free to make phone calls, send text, video messages and share their location. You can make your messages stand out by sending stickers, emoticons, and doodles. Push notifications enable you to never miss a call or text message again. The app syncs with your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber. You can group chat with 40 people a once, and respond immediately using quick reply button. What’s more, Viper is totally ad free and free to use.

Skype– Skype allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family by sending an instant message, voice, or video calls. Share your favorite photos and videos. You may talk as much as you want with free voice and video calls on Skype. You can also make low cost calls to mobiles and landlines too and keep in touch to people even if they’re not on Skype. Video messaging is also possible.

Google Hangout – In Hangouts, users can send free text messages and make domestic and international calls. Using Google for Android, users can listen to your voicemail and read transcripts. Hangouts stay in sync across devices so you can start or continue them anywhere. You may snooze notifications at times when you’d prefer to be undisturbed by alerts.

Facebook Messenger – Now you can text your friends instantly on their Android smartphone with Facebook Messenger by swiping left to see who’s available to chat. You can have fun sharing photos, stickers, smileys and emoticons. You can tap a chat head to reply, or flick them down to close. You can also get your SMS and Facebook messages together on some phones models too. If you have more to say, you can send voice messages too. You can also tag your location to let your friends know you’re nearby.

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