We generally talk about Rooting your mobile phones which is a process that makes smartphone or tablet to do much than before with Android applications. This exactly means gaining root access to your mobile phone. Rooting is necessary to update android software applications. For mobile phones, we don’t have access to install some unapproved software apps. By rooting your mobile phone we can install any kind of app and can easily unlock apps. Rooting also involves risk as it avoids warranty and there is chance of breaking your mobile phone completely. By rooting it is easier for mobile users to offer support if they allow only using the same unmodified version of the software.  Rooting methods will vary depending on the operating system of mobile phone.

Rooting an Android Mobile


  • System apps will generally get stuck there with no way to uninstall or remove them. It helps all apps to be installed and run properly in a better way than before. If once Android mobile is rooted than you have access to various files which previously not have been available. The best thing is it allows for more customizing and other things like being able to remove system apps.
  • Rooting not only helps in updating software apps but also is improves battery life and speed. Browsing speed and installation improves after rooting. It leads to best mobile performance and improve battery life.
  • The best advantage of rooting is we can block unnecessary advertisements. Nobody is interested in adds and this is pretty that we can block or edit block according to our requirement through rooting.
  • It is very easy for un rooting also as for some situations where un rooting is necessary. If once your android mobile device is rooted than you have access to settings and other things to allow more setting options. We are provided with different tweaks that can be done on your Android mobile phone.
  • We have problem with losing data and for this problem after rooting Android, it is easily possible to backup all lost data and everything on your device. This also includes system apps and their data like contact information, message history, settings etc. Within minutes of buying a new Android mobile device we can easily transfer all old device data to new mobile device.
  • Android device has many hidden features and these will not be applicable for normal usage. But rooting will help to use all hidden features like play store control features.
  • Rooting your mobile phone or tablet will make your device to function for free Wi-Fi hotspot connection. Using rooted android mobile phone we can connect to laptops or tablets easily if we have sufficient data available.

There will be little confusion as along with rooting we also perform two more operation for android mobile devices.

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