In today’s technology driven world, there are two words that have become complete synonyms to each other and those are mobile apps and smart phones. Wherever there is a smart phone, there are mobile apps and the major app market is captured by the two companies and those are iOS and Android apps.

As mobile first strategy is being adapted by every organization the need of the hour is to develop organizational based apps also as many different companies are going app crazy and are planning to diversify their work culture with the help of new apps.

Here are some important points that will tell how smart phone and mobile apps have stirred a revolution.

How Smart Phone And Mobile Apps Have Stirred A Revolution?

  • If recent Nielsen reports are to be believed, there are about average 41 applications that have been found installed on every smart phone across the world. Now you can very well imagine the immense potential offered by app monetization and android monetization.
  • Moreover, this number is also increasing by 28 percent every year, which is a whopping increase, and various Android forums and android news are terming it as a phenomenal increase in the mobile app world. It is like a revolution of all sorts that is happening around all of us.
  • All the above-mentioned stats are also enough to justify those mobile or smart phone users are more inclined towards app usage rather than browser usage. Hence, all such points and interesting stats are making app developers from around the world get more inspired and they are all ready to monetize android app. They are also adapting to new and latest app advertising platforms to advertise their unique apps and trying to create more curiosity among the app users.
  • In case you are also planning to develop an app and want to earn money from it then the best advice is to search for a good app development and monetization platform. One such platform is called as startapp and it has become quite famous in recent years.
  • As per the startapp review, there are many good things that have been provided by startapp such as more earning potential, flexibility while developing apps and good app advertisement support.
  • These days apps are being constantly deleted and new apps are installed in order to create an ideal balance to solve the daily queries. If latest estimates are to be believed there are going to 89 billion apps that might be downloaded by the end of 2015. Now that is a very huge number and you can very well judge the immense and astonishing potential, this industry offers.

Apart from various organizational apps, there is special focus that is being laid to develop apps for the overall upliftment of the social and economic needs. There are many government organizations that are trying to launch their products and services with the help of new mobile apps.

After reading so many interesting facts, it will not be wrong to say that smart phones and mobile apps have really stirred a revolution that is all set to grow bigger with each passing day.

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