Best PDF Readers for iPhone

There has been a great change in the field of Science and Technology in the last one decade. So many technologies have been developed in a short span of time. iPhone is one of such technologies. Nowadays, people are eager to use latest technologies, having advanced and updated features. iPhone is basically a kind of Smartphone, which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It was first introduced by Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple). It can perform various useful tasks. It can function as a video camera, portable media player, camera phone and much more. But here, we will mainly focus on that, which are the best PDF Readers for iPhone?

best PDF Readers for iPhone

There are so many PDF Readers, which can be used for iPhone but the best PDF Readers for iPhone are Aji PDF Reader, iPDF and Dropbox. Let’s discuss all of these PDF readers one by one and see what qualities and features they possess.

Aji PDF Reader:

Aji PDF reader is one of the best and finest PDF Software, which can be used for iPhone. By the help of it, you can easily download a document directly from the web (using the URL). Another advantage of Aji PDF software is that, it offers excellent help screen (screen shots). It is really a wonderful PDF tool, which is free of cost.


iPDF is another free PDF reader, which offers a lot of unique features. It is really simple to use and has ability to search PDFs right on your iPhone. It has a wonderful layout and appearance. So, overall it is quite useful PDF reader for iPhone.


Another smart way by the help of which you can read your PDF documents on iPhone is by using Dropbox. It has a free version, which is really beneficial and efficient. You can register yourself to a free account of Dropbox. After installing this application, you can use Dropbox as an online storage bin. You can also share different documents to different computers. It is really an amazing tool which allows you to read PDF documents for iPhone effectively and efficiently.

PDF Expert:

PDF Expert is another very smart PDF reader for iPhone. It works with different PDFs, MS Office files, PPT Presentations, text files, images etc. It can highlight the text in multiple ways. It possesses unique feature of creating notes on your PDFs. It has ability to copy files through iTunes, Wi-Fi, Dropbox, Google Docs and many more.

Good Reader:

Good Reader is another very smart PDF Reader/Viewer which stands strong against other PDF Readers. It is as good as PDF Expert but the main advantage of Good reader is that, it is economical. It costs only $5. By using it, you can easily pull files virtually from anywhere. It can also handle PDF annotations.

So, these are the perhaps best tools by the help of which you can read PDF documents for iPhone.

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