Five Ways to Use Your Android Device When Traveling

If you have an Android device then you know very well that you have little trouble finding innovative uses for it.  Not only do most Android devices come equipped with plenty of useful tools to begin with, but users can also download applications from a list of thousands of apps, and the list only continues to grow.  These applications can do anything from accessing your social networks to helping you decide what to make for dinner that night.  But some of the most useful applications are those that aid the user that travels frequently, and you can be sure, there are plenty of applications for the traveler.  These applications can come in handy for both domestic and international travelers, depending on the specific app you are talking about.  Specifically, there are five ways that Android devices can offer assistance when traveling and for each use there are multiple applications available.


Locating Accommodations – Likely you will book accommodations before taking off for a trip, especially if you are going overseas, but sometimes plans can fall through and leave you out in the cold with nowhere to go.  Or sometimes you simply may not have time to book your accommodations before you go and will find yourself having to handle the task on the go.  For either of these situations there are Android applications that can help.  You can use apps such as AirBnB, or the Kayak application to find cheap, safe accommodations quickly and on the fly.

Finding Restaurants – Anyone who travels is going to have to find somewhere to eat eventually, and it can be pretty difficult finding a good restaurant in a place you don’t know, not to mention getting there.  Fortunately, finding a good restaurant is simple with an Android device and certain applications.  Some of the most useful in these situations include Places Directory, Yahoo! Travel Guide, and Tripit.  And the best thing about having an Android device in these situations is the fact that many of the applications you will use are free!

Translating a Foreign Language – Trying to understand another language when traveling abroad can be very frustrating.  Even more frustrating is the way we used to have to translate that other language to our own native tongue.  Before computers and mobile devices such as those that feature the Android operating system you would have to carry around a little pocket translation book, and get it out every time you needed to understand a word or phrase.  With an Android device, though, you can simply download an application such as Talk to Me and translate any language easily and quickly with the press of a button.

Securing Transportation – Although you obviously will have your flight already booked if you are traveling, you will have plenty of other transportation to worry about when you get to where you are going.  There are a number of Android applications that can help you find what you are looking for after you get there, whether it is a bus or train schedule along with pick-up destinations or a taxi service to take you to your hotel.  Use your Android device to find it and it will be easy.

Converting Currency – Finally, you can also use an Android application to make converting currency a cinch too.  This can be a difficult task if you are visiting a country for the first time, and if you don’t know what you are doing you could end up losing money, not something you want to do in another country.  And with the Xe app you don’t have to, because you can quickly convert any currency from your Android device.

Traveling is fun but there is a lot of planning that goes into it.  Use your Android device to download applications to make the whole process easier and your travel will be so much more enjoyable.

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