While some forms of technology seem to just make life more complicated, in most ways, technology has made things much easier for the people of today. 

One way this is very evident is when you think about how much access and information you can gain regarding your personal finances. However, along with this access for yourself, others can often gain more access than you’d like them to have. But with the right security measures in place, you can feel secure that your money is safe and protected.

To show you how your financial institutions and yourself can use technology to further keep your finances safe, here are three ways technology has made it easier to protect your money. 

Encrypting Your Financial Data

Whenever you attempt to access your financial information over the Internet, one of the best ways to keep your data safe is to use encryption.

According to Daria Uhlig, a contributor to GoBankingRates.com, you can tell that the financial institution you’re working with is encrypting your data when you see “https” at the front of the URL for the website or when you see a little padlock right in front of the URL in your web browser. If you don’t see these symbols, you shouldn’t try to access your financial information, as it may not be secure.

With encryption in place, all of your financial data being sent over the Internet is scrambled so hackers can’t access it. This can work wonders for keeping your sensitive information private. 

Automatic Logout Features

With many financial apps, websites, or transactions, you’ve likely found that you’ll automatically be logged out if you spend too much time idle. While this might be an inconvenience for you if you’re trying to use that app or website, this feature can be very helpful for keeping your information secure.

According to Ally.com, this automatic logout feature can help to ensure that your account doesn’t stay up and open for extended periods of time. Otherwise, it might be easy for others to see parts of your financial information that you’d rather keep private. So the next time you’re at the ATM and you get asked if you need more time, try to be grateful for the security rather than annoyed at the additional question. 

Use A Virtual Credit Card

When making online purchases, Jane L. Levere, a contributor to the New York Times, shares that you might want to consider getting a virtual credit card rather than using a physical credit card.

With a virtual credit card, your physical credit won’t be impacted if your financial information is somehow compromised. This can be very reassuring for those who make frequent purchases online from various sources. 

If you’ve been wanting to ensure your finances are safe, consider implementing some of the technological features mentioned above. 

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