When you hear the term “spy cam”, you undoubtedly think of people who have paranoid thoughts and tendencies. But don’t scoff too much: truth is, spy cameras and hidden camera setups can provide valuable monitoring and evidence for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Video surveillance has many uses, from providing an unbiased always-on eye in child day cares and in-home babysitting arrangements to protecting stores to monitoring parking lots and public areas after hours.


Spy cameras are available for just about every budget and every need. Lower-end, cheap surveillance solutions may offer only still images; while higher-end, feature-laden spy camera equipment may come with a heftier price tag, but also the ability to record videos in high definition.

When choosing the type of spying camera you’ll be using, consider what you need. Are you looking for up-close, perfectly detailed still images of the shoppers in your store, or do you prefer a telephoto approach, with not as much attention to detail? That eye in the sky can go a long way in protecting your home or business, and providing valuable, indisputable evidence, so be sure to consider not just prices but features and abilities when picking out a camera. And if you do spend a bit more than you originally intended on spending, remember that a spy camera is a valuable investment that can often pay you back in a multitude of ways.

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