No matter if you are engineers, doctor, business personnel, banking personnel or from the background of Architect design, Apps are developed for almost every domain and especially for Android users there is frankly no shortage of apps. Number of apps in the Google Play is moving towards the milestone of a million and since the launch of Android 4.0 ICS and buzz on Android 5.0 Jelly Bean speculation is there that Android apps will soon cross the figure of 1 million in the coming months. Well today we have come up with the 10 fabulous apps for my Designers and Architects friends and to bring more ease to their life with the power of Android. So let’s find out how these 10 useful Android apps for Designers and Architects can bring ease in the work and task flow.

1.SketchBook Mobile

SketchBook Mobile

The intuitive user interface and user experience on the SketchBook Mobile enables professional grade drawing and painting on the streamlined interface with complete set of sketching tools.

2.Design Dimensions

Design Dimensions

Design Dimensions offers a huge database of commonly referred things along with their dimensions. This Android app enables designers and Architects to easily navigate themselves through 100s of illustrated items and to find the relevant info they are seeking for.

3. Architect Design Estimating

Designers and Architects require special calculators to calculates imperial units for which this easy to use and navigate Architect Design Estimating app is a fabulous tool which easily converts the imperial units such as square feet, yards, inches and miles.

4.Autodesk AutoCAD WS

Present competitive and fast moving world requires you to carry your necessary tools and aids on the go. AutoDesk AutoCAD WS is a mobile CAD app which allows you to carry your designs on the go. It allows you to view, edit and share your DWG files on your Android based device and to offer the intuitive view of your work while on the go. App also enables you to easily attach your files on the email, sync your work and save your work locally without even the internet connection.

5. Frame design 2D

Frame Design 2D is a linear statics analysis app which enable you to quickly analyze the 2D structure at your fingertips.

6.My Measures & Dimensions Lite

This tool is an important app especially for real estate agents, carpenters, auction sellers, architects, engineers and construction workers for storing and sharing the object dimensions. It is a kind of CSCW app which is quite helpful for collaborative work.

7.Adobe Photoshop Express

Easily edit the phones and share them virtually anywhere. Adobe Photoshop Express for Android empowers you to easily tweak with photos and easily share them for your professional purpose.


Dwell is a well known apps for Modern designers and architects. This Android app allows user to be updated with latest photos, videos and many more thing related to the Architecture and Designing field. It enables you to be updated with top stores and recent trends while on the go. It comes with easy integration with Facebook and Twitter.

9.Adobe Collage

Adobe Collage is another Android based tool from Adobe which enables you to capture & refine your concepts by merging them with other artefacts, textual and files from selected Adobe Creative Suites. This app also allows you to easily upload your creations and share them with others.

10.Adobe Kuler

Last on our list is another Adobe product which is quite an inspiration tool especially for Android tablet. This app allows you to create harmonious colour themes for your projects. It also enables you to easily explore hundreds of colourful themes created by Kuler community.

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