If you are carrying a 3G phone and you are still using VoIP technology to communicate with your friends then you should upgrade your smart phone. VoLTE technology will help you to communicate with your friends via internet as VoLTE is one of the latest innovative inventions for the mobile users.

VoLTE carries voice data over the internet. With the help of this technology, you can easily convert your 3G phone into a real smart phone. One of the best features of VoLTE is that you are independent from circuit switched network system which clearly means that your SIM network will never go out of coverage.

Reliance JioJoin: Revolutionary app

JioJoin is an Android app which is available on Playstore at free of cost. One can easily download this app from there. It is a revolutionary app because it gives you amazing voice quality over the internet. Even you can easily make HD video call with the help of JioJoin app by using VoLTE. You just need to have a Jio SIM card or Jio Mifi connection. This app with VoLTE totally changes the whole calling system. It will surely create a revolution in the mobile calling world.

Necessary Requirements

If your phone doesn’t support Jio SIM then you need to search Jio compatible phones and buy one because these kinds of phones will allows you to make high quality voice as well as Video calls with your smart phone by using VoLTE. Just download JioJoin app from play store and then install JioJoin app in your device.  Then you will be able to use this service in your Jio Smartphone. Its user friendly will allow you to use this app very conveniently.

Top 8 Features of JioJoin

We all are aware about the amazing and remarkable features of this app as it has threatened the other service providers. Here are the amazing features of this app:

  1. User Friendly interface: – the other video and voice calling apps do not able to provide you a user friendly interface but he interface provided by the JioJoin app is so simple and even a child can use it.
  2. Send Messages: – With a strong internet connection you can send a brief message to your known person without any network issue.
  3. Video Calling: – You can communicate with your friends by video calling service. You only need a strong internet connection.
  4. High definition Voice Calling: – Unlike the other voice calling apps, JioJoin allows you to make a high definition call with amazing clarity.
  5. Cheap Call Rates: unlike other service providers, Reliance provides you one of the cheapest call rates. So that their users can make a call without any hesitation.
  6. It is not necessary the receiver should have internet connection and JioJoin app. It means you can communicate with non-JioJoin app user.
  7. In case you device does not have cellular network. You can use this app as it does not depend on cellular network connectivity.
  8. This app uses your internet connection to make a call. So you have to manage to get a strong internet connection.

How to convert your 3G Phone into a real smart phone?

  1. In order to convert your phone into real smartphone you need to find a Reliance Jio phone and then insert a Jio SIM.
  2. Then you should have to download this app from Play store
  3. Install JioJoin app in your smartphone and now you can enjoy the services by using 4G SIM with more efficient internet connectivity.
  4. This will provides you most clear voice and video calling feature in your device.


Why to Choose Jiojoin instead Viber and Whatsapp?

JioJoin app is one of the finest apps in the market. In order to use calling feature of Viber and Whatsapp, both the sender as well as the receiver should have the same app installed on their devices and both of them require strong internet connection. But with JioJoin app only the person who is making the call requires internet connectivity.

This app will revolutionize the market as it has also threatened the other rival service providers because they are unable to provide such features with their technology. The amazing features of this app will definitely make this app rule over the entire telecom market.

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