10 Great Tips for Making Your Computer Run Faster

When you find that your computer is getting slower at performing everyday tasks, you definitely get annoyed. There may be several reasons behind the slow speed of your Pc but many of us usually don’t bother to know about the reasons behind the problem. Sometimes it may also happen that we actually don’t know how to make our desktop run faster. Generally, cluttering of the computer with unnecessary files or folders is the major reason for the decreased performance of the PC.

So it’s quite necessary to delete these unwanted files from the hard disk because these files make the computer struggle to find enough space to perform different functions.

There are however many more reasons for the ill-performance of your computer, so in order to make your computer run faster, there are some tips and suggestions that can help you out and can increase the overall performance and speed of your Pc or laptop.

1. Turn Off Antivirus

While playing computer game or performing any important assignment on your Pc, it’s better to turn the anti-virus software off. The speed of your PC would be maintained rightly if you are not supposed to open any infected file while working on other tasks. But be sure to always turn on your firewall as it use quite less power for processing and protects your PC against online threats.

2. Plug In Laptops

Most of the laptops use battery that lasts for longer but it slower down the speed of the processor. So while running off the battery, the speed of the laptop would decrease. Thus in order to keep your laptop in the normal mode, plug in your laptop and this will make our computer processor run at faster speed with full power.

3. Close Unnecessary Programs

A computer having one processor can run only one program at a time but when we open various programs at one time, we have an illusion that all the programs are running simultaneously. But in fact, computer switches between all the open programs so fast that we can’t perceive the timings. But while running multiple of programs at one time, extra processing speed is required that makes your computer slower down. Hence, to protect the computer form overloading, close the unnecessary programs.

4. Add Memory

If you’re really want to make your computer run as faster speed, you need to update its hardware and for this purpose adding memory can do great help for you. But before installing a new memory in your PC, you should check the actual space in your PC. Besides, you should also know about different kinds of memory that can be used for the upgrading of your computer.

5. Defragment

By defragmentation, we mean cleaning of the file system of your computer. You should occasionally clean or declutter your Windows or file system as cluttering of unnecessary files lowers the speed of your PC and also affects its overall performance. To clean up the file system, just open the control panel and start the defragmenter. It’s so simple!

6. Unplug Unused Devices

There are plenty of devices that are attached with your computer but your computer can use only one device at a time and rest of the devices sit idle. But most of these devices are faulty and they go on sending messages to computer every second, thus utilizing the processing power of your PC. So if you want your PC to run faster, unplug these devices when not in use.

7. Reinstall Windows

To make your computer run faster, a good solution is to reinstall your Windows. But before beginning the process, don’t forget to backup the files and check that all the important files have been copied to the new drive.

8. Cool CPU

If you want to maintain the speed of your computer, always try to keep the CPU cool. This can be done by keeping your PC in a space where the temperature doesn’t exceed to 32 degree Celsius. Also clean out the dust or smoke etc form your computer regularly and keep on checking the fan above the CPU.

9. Over clock CPU

Over clocking is the term which is used for the computer processors which are specially designed to run faster rather than normal. Though over-clocking increase the speed of your PC but at the same time it also release extra heat in the processor resulting into the damaging of the sensitive area of the computer. So don’t over-clock your CPU for getting faster speed.

10. Use a Separate User

If you see that Windows is running slower but you don’t want to reinstall it, you can make a new user account. This will increase the speed of your PC and also don’t allow opening of minor programs automatically on your desktop.

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