Top 5 Free iOS Games

iOS is the number one operating system for mobile phone users as it provides really great quality, large app support and has always been the first choice of teenagers. There are both kinds of applications in iOS – Paid and Free. You get a lot of variety in both of these types but free games are always preferred over the paid ones because you don’t have to pay the money out of your pocket. But finding great free games is really tough. Don’t worry, we have compiled up the list of top 5 free iOS games for you and the list goes like this –

Draw Something Free

iOS Games

Draw Something Free is an amazing game. The game has got some really good challenges for people who have the talent of drawing things. Even if you don’t have this talent, you can use this free game to dwell that talent in you. Draw Something Free, as the name suggests, is completely free.

Move the Box

Move the Box is an amazing enigmatic game. Move the Box is something like Jewels(Game) but in this case you have to move the boxes instead of the jewels. You have to align the similar kinds of boxes in a line and as soon as you do it, all of them burst up and you go to the next level. The game gets really challenging with each level.

Police Chase Smash

Police Chase Smash is a 3D game with quite nice graphics. The game is quite simple; you have to keep moving in a two-way lane dodging cars. You get to get bonuses in your way and what ultimately what you have to do is to chase down the suspect. The game gets more exciting as the level keeps coming up.

Blosics Free

Blosics Free is a kind of free version of Angry Birds but it gets more exciting than Angry Birds as you keep completing the levels. Blosics Free is currently available on iPhones and iPad and is a worth trying game. Likewise Angry Birds, Blosics Free too is a physics-centric game.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is the game specially designed to increase your vocabulary. This game requires two player for starting up. Words With Friends is quite simple but requires a lot of your intelligence. You have to add words to the tablet to make news words. That’s how it goes on, and likewise other games this game too becomes difficult with time.

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