Why no to new ipad ?

On 8th of march apple launched its new ipad still its not available for public but the previous booking has been started. It will be available to public from 16th of march. But one second why would you go with the booking of the tablet which seems to have nothing new in it. Just having a retina display in the new tablet is disappointing. Does spending so much for little features like good display is worthless even ipad 2 doesn’t have that bad display that it seems to be switched.


The other disappointing thing with the new ipad is  its design the new ipad was expected to have a better design with more thinner and wider screen than ipad 2 but it turned out opposite its having more thickness and is even heavier. So it was that was not expected from apple.

Why new ipad will fail this time

Other thing that apple lacked behind was its name of the ipad the marketing manager of apple seems to not give appropriate reasons for its name he just excused it fans by saying that apple do things that are unexpected. But it seems tht apple was not prepared for this ipad so they could not give it a proper name just called it a new ipad Even it was expected that the ipad will be having the 8 MP camera but its just 5 MP as ipad 2 and its called the isight camera. So there is nothing new with this camera.

Even there is no siri.  Siri was the exciting features with the iphones which could answer your questions which you asked it by speech. Again disappointing its fans, apple could not give what was demanded from them the only little new thing that the apple gave is the dictation feature which could write anything that you speak to it.

So its nothing worthy that you should spend soo much for no unique or interesting feature. This has been called the marketing strategy by many of the experts they just want to engage the people towards their products. But this time it was really disappointing on regards of apple. It could have been the reason that apple former CEO steve Jobs is not with us otherwise he would have not lead to such a disappointing release. It even looks like that apple has still not overcomed by the huge loss of the big man which take the company to the new heights from zero to what we are seeing. Apple has been known for the new technology but still the question arises what’s new in the new ipad ?

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