iPad3 VS iPad2

The Apple is known for its gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod. The iPad by the Apple is the best tablet with lots of unique features. The Apple tasted a great success with the iPad2, which was sold tremendously and it is still going on. Just few days back, Apple announced the iPad3. Lots of rumors were there on the internet and news about the specifications of the iPad3 and finally the Apple has announced it.


But the biggest question is that, should we buy this one?? What are the new features, so that we should leave our old iPad2 and buy this one?? Obviously, as the iPad3 is a new launch, so there will be new features in it. But if the new features are too good so that we can make investment on the iPad3?? Well, in this post I am going to compare the new iPad3 with the iPad2.

iPad3 VS iPad2


The iPad 2 introduced the A5 chipset, which is a dual core chip, based on the Cortex-A9. The processor is clocked at the 1 GHz speed. The new iPad 3 introduces the A5X chip, but the chip is again dual core and is also clocked at 1 GHz speed.


The iPad 3 wins in this field. It offers better graphic features, than that of iPad2. Because of the A5X chip, it has better features and also the iPad3 is based on the quad core graphic processor. Apple has also announced that there is not any graphic processor which can compete with their quad core graphic processor. According to Apple, the quad core processor offers 3 times better graphics than that of the Nvidia’s Tegra 3, which is stunning in graphics. If this is so, then the Nvidia will have to face a tough competition and may be the Nvidia comes with the better hardware in the future. If we compare the graphic features of the iPad3 with iPad2, then there do not seem to be much difference between the two.


Nothing special has been found in the iPad3 in terms of memory. Rumors were there that it might come up with the 128 GB storage, but like previous iPads, iPad3 also comes in the three memory variants which are 16, 32 and 64 GB. The iPad2 was packed with 512 MB RAM, but iPad3 has 1 GB of RAM.


Both the iPad2 and iPad3 has the same screen size which is 9.7 inches. But the resolution is the part, in which major change has seen. The iPad2 has the resolution of 1024 x 768  pixels . The iPad 3 comes with the amazing 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution. The pixel density has also been improved and it has the pixel density of 264 pixels per inch. So with the good resolution and pixel density, it is better than iPad2 in the display.


No change has been found there in the front facing cameras. Both the iPads have the front facing camera of the VGA quality. The back side camera in both is of 5 Megapixels. There is a change in the video recording feature. In the iPad3 we can record the videos of 720 pixels quality, but in the iPad3 we can record the videos of 1080 pixels quality.


If you remember, then there was no major size change in the iPad and iPad2. Same trend is going to happen here as well. There is no noticeable change again. Lets have a look at the form specifications of both the iPads.


241.2 mm * 185.7 mm size.

Depth: 8.8 mm

Weight: 601 grams


241.2 mm * 185.7 mm size.

Depth: 9.4 mm

Weight: 601 grams

So we can see that there is not even a single change in the form specifications of both the iPads, only the iPad3 has been made thicker than the iPad2.


Both the iPads have the features like GPS navigation. Accelerometer, digital compass. The iPads3 wins over the iPad2 by introducing the 4G LTE connectivity.  For AT&T and Verizon networks, the iPad3 has separate US models. The internet speed features has also been improved and now you can access a faster internet. The Bluetooth feature has also got a good improvement and in the iPad3, Bluetooth 4.0 is there, instead of Bluetooth 2.1, which was the part of iPad2.

Battery Life

Battery Life is again same and both iPad offer 10 hours of web surfing on the WiFi or video play. Both iPads promise you the stand by time of one month. If you use the 4G network on the iPad3, then the web surfing time reduces to 9 hours.


If you want to buy the iPad 16 GB version with the WiFi only, then you will have to spend 399$ on it. But for the WiFi+3G version the price is 529$.

For the WiFi only version of iPad3, you will have to spend $499, $599, $699 respectively for the 16, 32 and 64 GB versions.

For the WiFi+4G version of iPad3, you will have to spend $629, $729 and $829 respectively for the 16, 32 and 64 GB versions.

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