What benefits are there to choosing the vodafone network?

The vodafone network has, over the last decade, become the biggest and most expansive telecommunications company in the world. With over four hundred and twenty million subscribers, and divisions in nearly every aspect of current and future generation communications technology, they are at the very forefront of mobile phone, broadband and wireless advancement.

Being a worldwide competitor with markets in almost every country, they offer services and products that have made them world famous. They are also part owners of Verizon Wireless, the biggest internet service provider in the United States of America. Such a grasp of technology sets them in a good position to be market leaders for years to come.

But what about the customers at home? As well as being involved in ground-breaking work, they also offer a range of rewards and bonus schemes for new and current customers. The “Rewardz” scheme that they run, for example, means that customers who are using the vodafone pay as you go tariff can benefit from all sorts of exciting offers including samsung galaxy note deals. Every time a customer tops up their phone, they receive a code which gives them points, depending on the amount that was deposited. These points can then be spent on things like free music downloads or shopping discounts. The customer can also save the points up to spend on something once they have more points available. High street vouchers, cut price handsets and competitions to win festival tickets are all available at their website.

As well as all these reasons, vodafone have been partners with the charity group JustGiving for a few years now. As part of their service, vodafone enables their customers to text amounts of money to charitable causes, which will be added to their monthly bill.

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