6 Great Tips To Choose An Android Phone That Suits You Best

Markets are flooded with so many phones with infinite features and OS platforms. Latest to hit is the android mobile platform. Since it is an open source platform, most of the manufacturers are using it in smart phones and tablets at breakneck speed. With so many options available and everyone praising every Android phone, it can get a bit of overwhelming to choose the correct one.

The biggest advantage that android offers is that you can get many choices from physical aspect to customer user interface, because of the freedom they provide. However, the thing to keep in mind is that Android is changing rapidly, thus you need to buy a phone, which will not be outdated within couple of months. You also need to choose the phone that is apt for you even if not best phone. Therefore, here mentioned is a guide to help you cruise through when you go to market to choose the correct Android phone for you:

1. Carrier

The place where you live might have a dead spot in network coverage. Thus, choose the Android with the carrier, which has best services in your area and also got attractive phone sim card deals. You do not want to regret spending so much money on a phone which has all features but zero network coverage. You can ask your carrier to give a trail period to use the phone. This way you can change the carrier if you are satisfied with their services.

2. Display

Decide if you want multi touch display, QWERTY keyboard or a combination of both. This will help you most to eliminate the phones. In addition, you can choose if you want high graphic capabilities if you are looking for a great experience while watching movies or playing games. In such cases, you can choose a bigger screen size of 4 inches to 4.3 inches. This can result in a bigger phone that you may not find convenient to carry with you. When in the store see how display works in different lighting conditions. Take it out in bright sunny light and check if you can clearly see on it.

3. Camera

If you want to use your phone double up as a camera as well, then choose the one with 8 or more megapixels. In case you frequently have video chats when on move you definitely will need a better frontal camera. This option will make your phone a little costly therefore think wisely on it.

4. 4G

You do not want to change your phone in few months therefore, select a phone that is capable of using 4G technology. It will matter of time when all carrier will provide the facility of 4G.

5. Battery

For those who would need to use the phones for listening music and video chats, buy phone with maximum battery capacity. Else, you will have to keep looking for charger points every time.

6. Memory

Consider phone with high in-built memory capacity. Thus, you can store lot of videos, photos and songs. You can also use extra SD card to upgrade the memory.

7. Miscellaneous

There are lot of other features which you can consider like, multi screen openings, pinch in zoom, and easy se of social networking sites.

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