Lately, over the past few years, people have been spending lavishly on weddings. This occasion is indeed worth celebrating, and thus, creating cherished memories to look back upon in the process.

With so much happening around, you would want to have these memories captured so that the lens can capture every detail. This is where wedding videography businesses come into play.

What Goes Into Making a Catchy Wedding Video

What people don’t realize these days is being a great filmmaker doesn’t come down having the best camera gear or a larger team.

What goes into shooting a perfect wedding video involves a lot of steps and tricks to help you get the best of shots.

By following the enlisted steps, you can consider yourself ready to shoot at a wedding and deliver immaculate results

1. Build Communication With Those Around

Before the wedding date arrives, you should discuss all intricacies with the engaged couple. This would help you gain some insights as to what kind of a wedding movie they would want.

Also, consult the ceremony and reception venues beforehand to be wary of any rules or regulations. Some famous reception venues demand proof of insurance before you can shoot at their premises.

Talk to the vendors who would be working with you on the wedding day. Their right word of mouth can help you land on more gigs in future weddings. Demand a copy of the schedule and contacts for other vendors working with you.

Inquire from the DJ if they would permit you to plug into their soundboard to get backup audio. The kind of lighting installed in the arena should also be a matter of concern to you. Know if the photographer would collaborate with you.

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2. Carry Minimal Gear Possible

You need to decide your equipment according to the venue and the events happening. If it’s still morning, consider carrying minimal gear as not much would be happening around.

Change your equipment gear like lenses, cameras, audio systems, and lighting accordingly. It is always advisable to put down the heavy gear aside and carry only what the current event happening demands.

Ideally, a camera and two lenses should do the job for you. Always have extra batteries and wiped clean memory cards at your disposal. Try finding an outlet and a charging station for the already worn-out batteries.

3. Be Equipped With Audio Backups

As crucial as the video shooting gets, the audio is equally important. You need to capture moments happening at the moment, and to do that, you need to be equipped with everything.

You should have multiple audio sources recording with you at all times. If your camera doesn’t capture proper audio, have external recorders ready. Use a lavalier microphone on the officiant or groom rather than using a hand-held mic.

To get the best quality sound, collaborate with the DJ to plug your equipment into his soundboard. Having audio backups is essential, as videos without any sound would appear colorless.

4. Record Traditional Wedding Shots

Experimenting with different shot ideas and arenas might sound like a good idea; however, you must shoot the typical wedding shots as well.

You can be creative and different from the rest by trying out unique shots; however, couples also intend to see their vows, first dance together, and cake cutting.

5. Capture Enough B-Roll

B-roll refers to the supplemental shots that are taken with the main shot of an event. Apart from shooting the main event, it is necessary that you also capture other happenings around you, like guests interacting, food and snacks, and the decorations.

 Shooting exteriors of the venue is also essential to be added in the final cut. When the bride and groom would be watching their wedding video, they would want to know the attendance of their relatives and friends.

You can use an extra camera to capture the B-roll. Any rough cuts can be amended with this footage. The photographer might walk into your shot of the lovely couple, so it would be best to switch to the crowd.

6. Be Prepared For all Lighting Situations

You can prepare yourself easily for heavy lighting situations; however, evening receptions can be an absolute bust for filmmakers.

Often, the wedding planners might think of implementing a low lit ambiance after dinner. The DJ might help you with specific lighting; however, you would need your lighting for individual shots.

Your camera needs to be ready for low light photography, but if it isn’t, you need to learn to use lights sparingly. It can kill the mood if you leave them on for the entire night. Guests would be irritated by being under a constant spotlight.

7. Edit The Raw Footage

Once you have completed shooting, you would hold raw footage. This footage cannot merely be called a wedding video and handed over to the bride and groom. You need to edit the entire video wisely.

Editing includes trimming rough cuts, editing, and clearing out unnecessary sounds, including transition effects, using special effects to add absolute charms to the wedding video.

You cannot merely congregate all clips together to create final footage, but instead sequence those clips such that it tells a story, from the beginning of the wedding to relatives greeting, to the final rituals and shots around the holy pyre.

You can always include a decent soundtrack in the background while editing some adorable moments with the couple. This would create the shot more magical and instill emotions in the viewers.

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Final Words

Wedding videography business is in vogue these days as people want to capture their most cherished moments with the utmost details.

You must always be prepared to deal with all kinds of situations. This way, you could tackle any unprecedented scenarios and might even be able to improvise.

It is also very crucial that you pick a great video editing platform to obtain a final cut to the wedding video, and add absolute charms to it.

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