What can be better than being sure that you’ve made yourself safe being online 24/7?

Aren’t you afraid of your personal data and messages being intercepted? If not, it’s time to think about it as the sutгation created by governments and corporations is getting out of control.

They keep a close watch on every online step of yours and don’t mind to use the info for their purposes or against you. Do you want to get rid of these tirelessly spying eyes? Utopia P2P ecosystem is your shelter then.

What’s the essence of the Utopia P2P ecosystem?

Utopia is a decentralized stronghold of the right for privacy, freedom of speech, security and anonymity. It’s a large-scale enclosed ecosystem that doesn’t include the participation of any third party services for data storage and transmission. Instead, each user becomes both a client and a server – his data is stored on his own device, in an encrypted file.

All the data exchanged and stored is encrypted with advanced encryption (several layers). 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, as well as temporary keys, are used here to bar outside non-grata access to your confidential info.

Such a security level allows politicians, publishers, protestants and average laymen to exchange the information anonymously and risk-free.

That’s not the full list of the advantages Utopia possesses. The prime one is the possibilities it offers.

What’s the functionality?

  1. What’s your favorite online activity? Communication, no doubt! And what if you could do that safely without worrying for the confidentiality issues?

You can send text and voice encrypted messages and create public channels for group communication with uMessenger.

Keep business correspondence, attach confidential multimedia files and enjoy security with uMail.

Moreover, there are loads of cool stickers to make your messages breathtaking.

  1. And if you are running a business online?

You can process transactions anonymously with uWallet. It enables creating crypto cards, which are the alternative to traditional plastic cards, and vouchers. There is own Utopia digital currency Crypton, which is stable and not prone to market volatility.

  1. Love creating own online resources?

You can create websites, own channels, e-stores and so on with the uNS – Utopia registry of names and packet forwarding functional.

To browse them, use Idyll browser – an alternative to Tor.

  1. Do you like to play games with your fellows?

Utopia introduces Multiplayer games for you. You can even create the ones yourself.

  1. To keep things in order…

There is File Manager, Transfer Manager, uNS Manager, which enables that.

Aren’t you surprised that you can find all that in one single ecosystem? Utopia is available for everyone for free on macOS, Linux and Windows!

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