Top Android PhotoGraphy Apps

Android is the best mobile operating system by the search Giant Google. In the past some time the Android has grown at tremendous speed and now it has the user area of 25 percent. Almost 8,50,000 Android based smart phones or tablets are activated daily. It is the wide variety of the apps for the Android which makes it too much popular and good as well. The Android Market Place has almost 2,50,000 apps in it and it is increasing day by day, as the Android developers are increasing day by day. Android Market Place has the apps for almost each and every category.

Like other categories, there are thousands apps relates to the photography  as well. But after looking on the huge rush of the Android Photography apps, you may get confused that which one is the good for you and for which photography you should opt for. So I decided to create this post, in which I am going to post about the top Android Photography apps,

So let’s have a look at the tops Android Photography apps.

1. Mobile

The Photoshop from the Adobe is the best image editing software and so the Android app is. This Android app has got some great features, that we will like to work with our pictures. By having this app installed on our Android based handset or tablet, we can edit the photo graphs, add custom colors to it and add some cool effects as well. The best features is that we can easily add our favorite pictures and videos from the Photoshop online account. The process of sharing the pictures with friends and family members is also very simple and fast.


2. Vignette

This app for Android is also very good in terms of features. This also allows us to edit the pictures and add custom colors to it. We can customize the pictures easily and can add some cool effects in them and thus can make them look better, than they already are.

3. PhotoWonder

This app is also a good image editing tool. This app comes with the various features like amazing effects such as Lomo, BlueTone. Working with this app is a great fun and we can customize pictures of our friends to give it a funny look.

4. Love Photo Frames

As the name suggests, this app allows you to add frames to any picture you want. This app comes with various frame choices that we can use in our photographs. We can customize the pictures, add the frames into it,  and save it into the albums easily. We can also share the albums easily by the email, with our friends and family members.

5. Camera 360

This app is one of the most downloaded apps of the Android. This app comes with the no. of effects like Lomo, HDR, axis, shift.

So it was the list of the best Android Photography apps. If you liked the post, then please consider sharing it with your friends.

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