The 5 Most Popular Applications for New Nokia Lumia Smartphones

The new Nokia Lumia smartphones are an excellent addition to the mobile world. They are famous for their slim and sleek design and unique applications. These phones include Nokia’s Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and now Lumia 900.

The Best 5 Apps for Nokia Lumia Smartphones:

Top five apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones are given below:

Social Camera 2.5:

Social Camera 2.5 is a unique application of its kind that allows its users to upload their videos to YouTube. It also allows the transfer of videos to YouTube from the skydrive. You can also share the YouTube video link through Email, Text Message or other Social Network Sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can upload your video to skydrive and then transfer it to YouTube. It works the same way as that of camera where you just have to press the button of your camera to stop and start the recording. All you have to do is making a selection of the video you have taken, then giving a title to the video, then adding some description and finally some keywords. And then hit Upload.

Social Camera 2.5

The TripAdvisor:

The TripAdvisor is the most recent application for Nokia Lumia smartphones. It provides you the opportunity to plan your visits and trips in a perfect and managed way. By using this application you can get authentic and reliable information by reading the opinions and reviews of those real travelers who are experienced and this will help you to select a perfect place to enjoy. It helps you in finding best hotels, restaurants and tourist attraction points in any region of the world. It includes features like Flights, Saved Trips, Forums, Reviews, Restaurants, Hotels, Travel Maps, Vacation Rentals and Attractions. It is a real travel guide that is always there to be with you on trips.

Mobile Insight:

Mobile Insight is the best Nokia Lumia Smartphone’s application for business personnel. It helps the business owners to keep an eye on their subordinates who are fieldworkers or who are working somewhere out of station. This application helps to facilitate the communication and co-ordination between the team members working in a team. It is such a business tool that allows its users to manage calendars, contacts, alerts, action items, store visits and reminders. It is a free application for those who have to deal with a large number of employees at a time.

Digital Signature:

It is a free application of Nokia Lumia smartphones in which users are allowed to sign their own names on their phone’s handset and touch screen. These signatures then can be attached to the digital PDFs and the forms that require using them and without scanning the signature written on paper, you can email it to who so ever you want to. You can also save your digital signature and use it when ever you need it without using scanner.

IM+ (IMplus):

It is such an application of Nokia Lumia smartphones in which you can always keep in touch with your friends, family, boss or colleagues through instant messaging of Skype. Whenever you send and receive a message, an instant beep will inform you that your message is delivered successfully. It will give you an instant notification and keep you updated all the time.

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