5 Strangest Gadgets in 2011!

The year of 2011 has remained a source of constant glory and a package of strange things! There are many out there who would love to define the year of 2011 as a roller coaster ride because the year has been packed with fun and hilarious experiences that range on a wide and diverse continuum. So, when we talk about the industry of information technology, it is also filled with several astounding and various “weird” gadgets.

weird gadgets
weird gadgets

There has been several consumer electronics show that are all about the great and high-tech products from renowned vendors. Moreover, these inventions intended to give a distinguished look to the technological world. Now, you all must be getting increasingly curious to know about the gadgets that have been viewed as the weirdest gadgets of 2011. Following are five top strange gadgets of the year 2011.

  1. Remember the Hatter of ‘Alice in Wonderland’? All of you can recall the hatter from the well known Hollywood movie, Alice in Wonderland. The tech-industry has realized a wild dream of wild – wonder – hatter! The Mad Hatter is a new TV hat that is equipped with OLED and is from Recom. The manufacturing company of this weird product claims to that Gamestop and verizon wireless demonstrated almost 15% increased conversations, when it comes to fitting employees on tiny video screens. You may also try this and place an initial order of $199 screens from the website videonametag.com.


  1. iCade for iPad: Astounding widely! iCade has remained, merely, an imaginary invention and many sellers simply made fun of it! iCade has been thought of more like some April Fool’s Joke idea. However, a lot of consumers welcomed the idea of iCade and received it with open heart and welcoming attitude. A majority of customers enjoyed the iCade and therefore Ion manufactured the weirdest iPad arcade cabinet! Now, this is no more a fantasy or a dream gadget! The product is going to cost approximately $99 and also includes Asteroids. Moreover, Atari is also trying to partner with it to sell various other games through app store.


  1. Have you hear of a chopper with camera? Well, now you can have a chopper with camera by buying Rotor Concept’s chopper. This is a helicopter that is controlled by remote device and is very impressive in appearance. However, in addition to the simply awesome appearance, this gadget also has a weird technology twist. This gadget has a 720 x 480 resolution video camera and you can have wireless live feed provided to your PC. The estimated cost of this product is almost $499 (the shipping cost is not included).


  1. Graphing Calculator by Casio Prizm! This graphing calculator has been inspired solely by the smartphones and is manufactured by Casio Prizm Company. This costs around $129 and has a menu with app display, 16 bit color and a powerful battery! Moreover, you can also use it to play some nice games.


  1. iGrill: No More a Dream! The technology has also invaded world of cooking and food. iGrill is a immaculate meat thermometer through which you can monitor temperature fluctuations while cooking. There are also several free cooking recipes and tips.


So, these are the weirdest gadgets that you may have to bring more fun in your life!

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