Siri On iPhone 4S

Days were simple and boring when Apple was just a fruit, then came Steve Paul Jobs into picture and changed the complete concept of Apple to Apple.Inc which has bought many innovative products into the world like Personal computers, Mac book, IPod, IPad, and IPhone.

Siri On iPhone 4S
Siri On iPhone 4S

IPhone –The SmatPhone:
When IPhone was just another smart phone in the market when it was initially launched, But the visionary Steve Jobs strived a lot make it a revolutionary product.

The Journey Of IPhone:
The launch of Iphone was just not enough for the Apple.Inc, they wanted it to be the Super Smartphone and this was the reason there are so many variants of IPhone’s starting from
IPhone, IPhone 3g, IPhone 3gs, IPhone 4 and finally the hot Incredible IPhone 4S making one amazing than the other.

The Incredible IPhone 4S:
There was a long wait on the globe after the announcement of the launch of Iphone 4S.
There was suspense all around on what new feature would this Iphone would carry with it and the answer was SIRI the all new personal assistant.

Amazing Siri on the Incredible IPhone 4S:
This new hot gadget is powered with the following features:
Dual Core A5 Chip
8 Megapixel Camera
Video Recording with 1080P HD
iOS 5 Operating System
Retina Display
Face Time
and the most spoken about Siri

Innovation of Siri:
Siri is briefly a personal assistant system application developed by Siri International in California. Siri was initially developed to be an application for the 4S, but after Apple has bought Siri it was included as an integral part of the operation system iOS 5. Siri is supported only the home chip that is by the A5 chip which is exclusively only on iPhone 4S.

Siri at glance:
Siri is basically a unique personal assistant system or an automated voice control system which would accept the user commands and executes them and even voice responds to the commands like writing an email, setting an alarm, searching the contacts and making a call, composing and sending a text message and what not.

In Precise if a command is given saying “What is the weather going to be his week end in New York?” then the response would be generated “The weather would be cloudy and rainy and drop to 54 degrees by the week end”. These commands can control every section of the IPhone 4S. Siri can be accessed by long pressing down the home button or give a chance for the proximity sensor to do the start work by holding the phone to a person’s head and there starts a new experience of accessing the world around you.

Ease Of Access:
It is much flexible to and the real advantage to use is while driving, exercising, when one have a hard time reading or writing or when ones hands are busy, all you need to do is just give a command and the work is done for you.
This is just the beginning of the new era of Siri, Let’s hope for the more amazing advancements in Siri.

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