All The Things a Kindle 3G Device Can Do for You

I bless the day when the Kindle device was launched because it makes reading so much more fun and convenient because the Kindle device can do a lot for you and now with the new Kindle Fire tablet that is out you can do a lot more than just reading. In this article I would like to share with you some of the great and interesting features of the Kindle devices you can purchase and enjoy the best technology for a fair price, because you deserve to enjoy these new devices. So, before you rush to buy Kindle devices let’s get to know them a little bit better.

Kindle 3G
Kindle 3G

Kindle 3G

You’ve probably heard of the Kindle 3G device as it is the most popular Kindle to this day and thousands of people purchase it each and every day because it allows you to store a lot of books in it and it’s small and light. You can store up to 3,500 books and magazines in it, it has a long lasting battery, it includes a Wi-Fi and a free 3G so you can even download more books and magazines to it from anywhere in the world in 60 seconds only and it is so thin, small and light that its weight is only 8.7 ounces – less than a paperback at the store.

Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch followed the success of the Kindle 3G and it gives you a chance to purchase another Kindle when this one features a touch screen, can store in it up to 3,000 actual books and magazines, has a long lasting battery of 2 months without charging it and it weights even less than the 3G version with its 7.8 ounces. Another great feature this device has is its ability to read English text out loud when you don’t feel like reading. A great device to store all your reading material and take anywhere with you.

Kindle Fire

Maybe the most anticipated device and it’s finally here. The Kindle Fire is much more than just a reader as it is a tablet and a complete portable entertainment system. You can take it anywhere with you and enjoy its 7-inch screen that delivers 16 million colors in high-resolution so you’ll be able to read millions of books and magazines rich-in-color, play new games as well as your favorite games with amazing and stunning graphics, listen to high-quality music and even watch over 100,000 TV Shows and movies and that’s not all.

These Kindle devices are perfect for anyone who finds himself a lot outside and does not want to get bored, with them you’ll be able to read any book you want in seconds without holding a single book or looking for a book store and with the Kindle Fire you’ll be able to watch movies, play games and much more so you won’t have a dull moment. The future is already here and now and it’s not that expensive at all…

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