Indias First ICS Android 4.0 Tablet iBerry to Launch in March

The growth of technology is at its best and the mobile technology is going viral day by day.Not only the mobiles,but the Tablets also are getting hits from all over the world.Android an OS from search Giant Google has received a tremendous milestone so far and its still going on.


Now a days mostly tablets are based on Android OS.Android’s latest OS is its 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version.This OS is becoming more and more popular and its popularity can be seen from the fact that each manufacturer is trying to make new tablets based on it.

Now in this fast running field,India is also not behind and an Indian manufacturer iBerry is going to launch the first Android 4.o ICS tablet.The best thing of this tablet will be its Made in India tag.The iBerry was so far somewhat as an unknown company and now it has knocked the doors with full power with this announcement.The iBerry’s upcoming product will be the first Android 4.0 based tablet.Not only the OS but the price is also going to be its eye catching feature.This is believed to be launched in March with price tag of around 10,000.So the company is going to launch the gadget by keeping the public of India,where the majority is of middle families,So spending 10,000 will not be any dream task for them.

iBerry is an Indian company which is based in Chennai.iBerry entered this field by launching two Android tablets,the BT07 7 inch version and the BT10 10 inch tablet.But now it is ready to play its next innings with the ICS 4. gadget.

The model is named as iBerry Auxus AX02 and experts are awaiting for its launch which is expected to be in March,2012.Lets now talk about the features that the upcoming Indian gadget will contain.



It will come with 7 inch big display screen with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Operating System

Operating system is key feature here and iBerry Auxus AX02 will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


It will support 1 GHz processor.So good speed is expected.


Internal memory with SD card support.1 GB RAM memory.


It will support HD audio with 3.5 mm jack as well.


Along with regular ports it will also include HDMI port and 3G USB modem port as well.The support of external USB storage devices will also be there.


Around 10,000 Rs.

 iBerry is all set to launch it in the next month.The sale of this gadget will go online countrywide.It will also be available in the retail stores as well.Company is expecting hands on sale of their product.iBerry has also set up a toll free no. so as to provide the better support to their customers.The device will also come up with One Year Manufacturer warranty and On site warranty which means that if the device gets and hardware failure or error,then company will go to the customer’s home,will pick up the device and will return itself after repairing it.So not any discomfort will be there for customers.

All are awaiting the month of March for its launch.We are officially excited and are you????

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