icloud-Its Features, Benefits and Limitations

As Apple unveils the newest iPhone, which is the iPhone 4S, they also introduced one of the newest features that iPhone has, which is the iCloud. Many people who are not completely savvy when it comes to computers and other advanced gadgets will have a vague understanding about how exactly it works, its benefits and features. And in order to understand this, complicated things and descriptions should be narrowed down to its simplest terms.


Cloud or cloud computing is the term used to describe certain information that are stored on a remote computer or on a server that is usually connected through Internet. Basically, this allows you to access all your files from photos, contacts, videos, music and other backed up files you have anytime you need it because these will be available over the Internet even without plugging in or syncing your device to your computer like you usually do. The same goes with Apple’s own version of cloud computing called “iCloud”. Let’s further discuss its features and how exactly it works.

It may sound a bit complicated but what it does is to unite or consolidate all your files automatically in a much secured manner. Once you download, install and save a certain file to one of your Apple device, it will be automatically transferred to all your Apple devices. The main idea about iCloud is to gather all your files without having to use any wires but internet connection must always be present. There are major featured iCloud offers and it would be best to classify them to different categories.

1. Music and Applications

Any items you buy on iTunes like your favorite games, applications, songs, videos and even books will by synced to all Apple devices you have. You don’t have to repurchase them as it will be automatically added for no additional charge. In addition, Apple has add-ons called iTunes Match that has a subscription fee. This assists users to avoid any duplication of songs because iTunes Match allows matching of songs from the millions of songs available on iTunes to the ones users already purchased.

2. Photos

Part of iCloud’s features is the Photo Stream. This allows you to transfer your pictures easily without having to use your cable. Even if you don’t have your computer in front of you, you can directly import pictures you took through Wi-Fi connection. No need to worry that you would need to transfer them again once you are using your computer because it will automatically appear, even to your other Apple devices.

3. Files and Documents

This feature is very convenient to businessmen, professionals, executives and even to students since they can have all the documents they need anytime, anywhere. For example you are a businessman which offers Facebook users the option to buy targeted facebook fans. You would often need easy access to your data regarding your business and iCloud will make that possible for you.

4. Contacts and Calendars

iCloud also allows users to sync their contacts and calendars. Actually, you can even sync what you have on your notes and bookmarks. You don’t have to type them in to one device to another, as iCloud can do the work.

5. “Find My Friends”

This is one of the newest features. It acts like a GPS, as it can determine where you are on the map. It is also applicable to track people, like for example parents who monitors their kids if they are in the school or just spending the day at the mall.

6. iCloud backup

This feature is as simple as saving all your files including books, applications and even your text messages as long as you have Wi-Fi connection. This is more applicable particularly for iOS users.
Despite iCloud’s special features that offer hassle free work to users, it still comes with its own set of limitations. One of these is the storage space that can only be maximized up to 5GB. Nevertheless, this constraint is not suitable to music files, book or even photos that’s why most users will still find it sufficient. Likewise, iCloud does not support sharing of photos and files from one user to another. This is one of the limitations that Apple set to iCloud since its main purpose is save your data from all your Apple devices and not for social networking.

Setting up your iCloud can be a bit tricky but once you have configured your account, then all your data and files across all your devices will be in-sync with one another. This will make for easy organization and easy access to all your files and data.

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