Tracking Your Blog Comments with Tools – 7 Best Ones

There is no blogger who does not enjoy commenting on other blogs on the niche of their choice. However, to ensure that you are recognized in the market, your comments have to be branded. And this becomes a herculean task if you do not have effective measures to keep track of every comment and following up with responses. And the failure to respond to comments is sure to leave you with less or no followers at all. Even with the best Plugins available, replying to every single comment is sure to be time-consuming. Here come tools for tracking comments to your blog to your assistance. The following is an overview on tracking your blog comments with effective tools. And we suggest seven reportedly best tools for your consideration.

Comments – Comment system

A tool ideal for anyone who wishes to keep a track of the comments on one’s blog, this allows you to share the same in the website of one’s choice. You are notified if someone responds to the comment.


If you are someone on the lookout for a real time monitoring of your blog status, this tool is just the right one for you. It watches your website every ten minutes and allows you to follow it up notifying you when someone comments on your blog post. The greatest advantage of this tracking tool is that it is compatible with every type of blogs like WordPress, mobile blogs and much more. Furthermore, it allows you to keep tracks of up to 200 blogs simultaneously. If you are someone using any web browser other than Firefox, you are required to go to the “watch list” to be able to know the status of your blog. However, make sure that you install the Firefox add-on from your own account. A failure to do so may deprive you of the functionality of the tool itself. The tool remains silent in the background until it notices someone trying to comment on your blog. When it happens, it starts alerting you with a blinking note.


Blog Comments

This is a tracking tool designed to assist you to build a great community comprising those who follow your blog post. The tool is easy to install and offers exciting features allowing it to be the ideal companion of any blogger. This is reported to be one among the best due to the fact that most of the famous websites use this service. You can even take advantage of another of the kind, Debate which too offers facilities to effectively monitor your blog.

Comment Save

This tool keeps track of whatever you are writing and shows it with a link to your post. It allows you to see all the comments and remove those you feel are inappropriate with regard to your blog.


A micro blogging platform which allows you to follow up with the comments on your blog with a “comment feed”, this has now become the favorite of everyone who wants an online presence in the market. The website offers an excellent tutorial for those who are beginners in the matter.


An ideal source to enrich yourself in the niche of your choice, this too allows you to keep track of the comments posted on your blog. Furthermore, it even allows you to read other blogs which discusses your niche. This tool even allows you to initiate a discussion with those who have something to say about your blog.

Google Analytics

A free service offered by Google, this allows you to keep a track of all the visitors to your website. It is capable of monitoring visitors from almost everywhere, from all the search engines, ads and even those who come to your website through different methods of email marketing. This tool won’t specifically track the comments, but the return traffic analysis would help a lot.

These are just a few of the dearth of tracking tools available out for you in the market. It is advised that you should do a thorough research online before resorting to any particular tool. If you are someone who is the owner of a self-hosted WordPress website, the best option is to subscribe to its newsletters. Reading other people’s blogs and following them up too is sure to offer you insight into the best tools for tracking your blog comments.

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